Monday, 1 March 2010

Dear Rain…

You know I love you. I love how you make the grass green, and the flowers bloom. I love how you clean my car, for free! I love listening to you falling on my roof and putting me to sleep at night. And Lord knows our poor ole dams need you!

IMGP0565     But, you know what they say about too much of a good thing. I just would so appreciate it if you could let the sun come out – just for a day or two.


You see, I have a line full of clothes, including twelve of my fifteen cloth nappies, and it would be kind of handy to have them dry right now.


You can come back again though – in fact, please do! I’m not complaining, really. Probably just being very selfish. After all, we haven’t seen you around these parts for so long.

But, you see, I also have this beautiful little blue-eyed one year old, who misses her swing very much. And I promise her every day that we’ll take her for a bike-ride in the part tomorrow, if only you’ll stop! And I think she’s beginning to not believe me.


So please, Rain, my dear friend. Please just a day of reprieve. Just enough for me to sort out my washing, and stop letting down my darling blue-eyed Mayana Berry. Then you can come back. And we can be friends again.


  1. We'll swap with you! We've had over a week of dry and hot (nearly 40 each day!) but sunny weather - gladly swap in fact!! :)

  2. ... so beautifully written!

  3. In fact dear rain you have an open, even urgent, invitation to Geraldton WA


Thank you!!


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