Sunday, 28 February 2010

Mayana’s Week

You’re going to be extra-especially spoiled this Sunday. Because we got a new camera this week, Mayana has been even more photographed than usual! I mean, she’s such a perfect and gorgeous model, can you blame us?

So photo-overload; here we go!


Monday |  Dinner at Pop & Nan’s house. Mayana REALLY enjoyed her watermelon. All of it. At once.

S7306347  Tuesday |  Mayana made a new friend. Her new buddy, the monkey.

 IMGP0041Wednesday |  Home again, and Mayana’s endless posing begins. Here’s Mama playing with the camera settings to accentuate Mayana’s gorgeous blue eyes! IMGP0053 Wednesday |  More posing

IMGP0067Wednesday |  Playing with Papa 

IMGP0209Thursday |   Trialling her earmuffs – getting ready for Easterfest!

IMGP0213Thursday |  Thinking about auditioning for Easterfest. 

IMGP0237 Thursday |  Figuring out how to work Papa’s iRiver.

IMGP0207Thursday |  Being gorgeous, as usual. 

IMGP0281Thursday |  DINNER!
 IMGP0321 Friday |  Coolest hair-do ever.

IMGP0361Friday |  Bumping it with Lola. Seriously.

IMGP0372Friday |  Lovin’ Lola.

IMGP0376 Friday |  Can anyone say gorgeous?

IMGP0391Friday |  “Mama, you’re kidding me!!!”

IMGP0397Saturday |  Playing with Mama 

IMGP0413 Saturday |  Playing with Mama’s old doll, Ebony. She even managed to find wipes and a nappy, and I found her trying to change Ebony’s nappy!

IMGP0427 Sunday |  Our little trend-setter ready for church. I’m so excited that she can fit stockings this year!!

IMGP0426 Sunday |  The two lovely Friendly ladies!


  1. The one where she's hugging the doll is AMAZING! Well done!!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. oh my gosh that picture of her and lola made my heart melt a little.
    Give her a kiss for me.


Thank you!!


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