Friday, 12 March 2010

Not a good week for me and cameras…

Earlier in the week Mayana was doing something super cute, which needed a photo. So I grabbed our beautiful new camera and… nothing! Oh dear. How to tell my husband that our beautiful, new, expensive dream-camera will not turn on!

He took it from me and pressed buttons and fiddles – still nothing! Oh dear indeed. Until I wondered… could it be the batteries? Mad rush trying to find toys of Mayana’s with AA batteries to test. And yes. That’s all it was. A case of flattened batteries. Some very clever person (me) had left the camera on, rendering the batteries, and therefore the camera, dead.

So sad. Of course by then Mayana’s cute moment was gone and I can’t even remember now what it was! So, so sad.

But it wasn’t over.. oh no, I’m telling you it really, truly hasn’t been a good week for me and cameras.

Next cute moment of Mayana’s, I ran for my trusty old point-and-shoot. It turned on… it focussed… and then… it FROZE!

Not good. It wouldn’t even turn off – I had to take the batteries out. This happened quite a few times in a row before I realised that it was freezing every time it tried to charge the flash. So I turned the flash setting off and finally got some photos happening.  Then suddenly it started wanting to use the flash of its own accord. Then a massive flash and crack…. and bye-bye flash.

So my trusty old point-and-shoot is not so trusty at the moment. Oh it still works in perfect lighting, but with a twirling, never-stop-moving Mayana Berry sometimes a flash is just the ticket.

And we only today had time to get batteries for our new and very expensive camera.

So sadly, we are lacking in photos of Mayana this week.

We’re going to go for a picnic tomorrow, just the three of us, so I’ll see what we can come up with.

Good new is, Pete is thinking about buying me a new point-and-shoot for my birthday!

picture courtesy oneeyeopen at Etsy

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