Tuesday, 9 March 2010

The Big Surprise

Yes folks, the post you have all been waiting for.

So about a month ago, we were in Noosa. My sister’s boyfriend, Lachlan, came over for breakfast while Beth was at work, to ask all of us a very important question : Could he marry our sister.

He had this fabulous plan, but he needed our help to pull it off: A surprise engagement party. All of Beth & Lachlan’s family and closest friends, together to witness his proposal and (hopefully) her acceptance. Some may think it risky, but if you knew them you’d know that she was never going to say no.

Lachlan’s idea, ours to execute… So a month of planning, list-making, invitation designing (my job), printing and posting, RSVP collecting (and apparently RSVP-ing is an optional extra these days), shopping and more planning, the weekend finally arrived.

We secretly drove down to Noosa on Friday night, and secretly had dinner with my parents. On Saturday, Lachlan took Bethanie out for a ‘date day’. Breakfast, manicure & pedicure, lunch and then to a friend’s house to get ready. Bethanie was of the belief that she was going to this friend’s birthday party. So together the two of them got beautiful.

Meanwhile, we had a crazy day. Mum sent me a secret text when Bethanie left the house, and then the real work began. Shopping for party food (we couldn’t do so much prior to the day because Bethanie would have been suspicious), and then to the hall to set up. Some lovely ladies from my family’s church volunteered their time and creativity and helped us whip the church up into an unrecognisable and beautiful room. Lots of pink, lots of flowers, lots of candles. We were all incredibly impressed with ourselves.

Then back home, to make ourselves beautiful, before heading back to the church for last minute touches, and to set out the food and greet guests, who were arriving about half an hour before Beth & Lachlan were scheduled to.

The whole time we were doing all of this, it rained. And rained. The creek beside the road the the church slowly crept up, and huge deep puddles formed across it. We got calls from my grandparents that they were flooded in and wouldn’t be able to make it. We prayed for the rain to stop, but fortunately apart from these few things the rain didn’t cause too much of an issue.

So it comes to 6.50pm. The hall is full of people, the suspense is tangible. We get a text, they’re only a few minutes away. The friends that they got ready with walk into the room. People half-heartedly say, “Happy Birthday!” – trying to keep Bethanie off the scent for as long as possible.

And then they arrive. Bethanie looks around the room, smiling at first, then bewildered. She sees friends that don’t know Michelle, wouldn’t be at her birthday party. Sees Lachlan’s family, from Sydney and Dubbo. Something clicks and her eyes fill with tears. “Oh. My. Goodness”.

Lachlan takes her hand, and leads her to the stage. Jason Mraz’s Lucky plays softly as Lachlan drops to one knee… “Bethanie beautiful Buma… will you marry me?”

Bethanie cried. And cried. Now for Bethanie that’s saying something. She is NOT a crier. My other sister and I always tease her about being cold-hearted, because she sheds not a tear when we watch soggy sad movies like The Notebook and Titanic.

And she said yes. And the ring was beautiful and it fit.

And there was clapping and cheering.

We had done it! She did not have even the slightest clue, and couldn’t believe that we had pulled something like that off without her being even a little bit suspicious.

We ate, drank, chatted… there was cake and speeches.

It was a great night, and I want to thank everyone who was involved in helping, and everyone who made such a big effort to be there, and keep our big secret!

Happiest congratulations to Bethanie and Lachlan… and yay! because I get to be a bridesmaid for the very first time!


  1. Yay!! I was wondering what she thought was happening!!! So exciting!! Congrats to both of them, adn to you on getting to be a bridesmaid and pulling off such an awesome night!!

  2. Oh Zoey that is fantastic news and the surprise engagement party, how incredible! Lucky girl and such a beautiful ring too!! Congratulations to them both!!!!!

  3. How wonderful!
    And that ring is stunning!!! :)

  4. That is very cool! Congratulations to them, and well done to your family for pulling it off! What a fantastic story they have to tell their grandchildren!


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