Saturday, 27 December 2008

Christmas 2008!

Well we had a wonderful Christmas for 2008. We began the day at Nan's (Pete's Nan) where we've been staying for the last couple of weeks. We made her a delicious breakfast and had some lovely quality time with her... special memories.

We then made our way to my family home, for the traditional Buma Christmas day doings. We sit around eating yummy food opening presents, but we're only allowed to open one at a time and everyone has to watch each present be open. It is a looooooong process, took over 2 hours this year!! I love doing it that way, it's so much fun, and I have to say one of my favourite things about Christmas is watching people open what I got them - sometimes I think I enjoy that more than opening my own!

So after that, we had our delicious lunch. This year's theme was "International Salads" and Mum outdid herself. It was beautiful! Then for our yummy desserts, and then we sat around for a bit playing with our pressies and just hanging out. After that, my brothers and sisters, Pete and I went to the beach for a bit, and then Pete and I headed over to the in-laws, where we did it all again!

It was such a lovely day, and I can't believe that next year our bubby will be nearly 1!!! It will be a whole different type of Christmas, that's for sure. Although bubby had a few presents under the tree already this year, lol.

Okay. Some pictures!!!

Breakfast with Nan: creamy mango yoghurt with fresh mango and sliced pannettone. Mmmmm. And a lovely picture of Peter and his Nan, which, by the way, is going straight to the photo wall!

Peter and I in our Christmas gear ... Bubby's first Christmas photo :P

The snack table... this is what we nibble on while we open presents.... mmmmmm

Pete's Christmas present from me! If you can't see it properly, it says, "Dad's Bible". It's a really cool bible with lots of extra parts about being a Godly father, with lots of examples and devotionals etc.

My awesome present from Pete! It's a handbag he had made with a photo that I took (one of my very famous flower photos) printed on it! It's SO cool.

I think Jack was just as excited by this present as Pete!!!

My family opening various presents: Alexie with her Gorgeous perfume from the parents, Jordan with his new rug for his room (we gave him an unofficial room refurb for Christmas, with lots of new things to upgrade his room from little boy to teen), Bethanie with her picnic gear for her and Lockey's new picnic set from us, Lockey with his new headlights for his car, Papa with his new smell from Uncle Dennis - it's called Million and came in a box that looks like a gold bullion, and Mum with her Tina Arena CD from Pete, which she thought was going to be shoes !!

Our gorgeous table

My bubby from the top view (that or Pete was just trying to look down my top!)

Pete's hot new look. That keyring was his bonbon prize!

The FOOD!!! Entree was a salad of prawns and strawberries with lime, pineapple and honey dressing. YUM. Salads included recipes from Mexico, Germany, Greece, USA and many more. Oh so good. And we had cold ham off the bone and turkey roast. Dessert was my christmas ice-cream pudding (how good did it look finished!) and mum's delicious chocolate swirl baked cheesecake.

My sister-in-law to be, Lisa and I comparing bumps. I think I win.

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

The day that Jordan grew a tail and other stories...

No, seriously, he did! Look:

And this is our Christmas tree. With a star on top. And with LOTS of christmas presents underneath. We nearly had to take the bottom row of branches off!!!

And this is my yummy christmas pudding in the making. Rocky road ice-cream pudding. Ingredients: Ice-cream, cherry ripe, turkish delight, marshmellows, choccie biscuits, frozen raspberries, coconut. Tomorrow, when I turn it out of the dish, I will top it with Ice Magic, and take another photo of it.
About to pour my delicious mixture into Nan's christmas pudding steamer. Not so much a steamer for today though!!

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

37 week appointment

Blood Pressure: 123/82
Heart rate: 140bpm
Bubby is still head down, I actually don't think there's enough room in there to turn up the other way even if bub tried it!

And, ladies and gentlemen, the "fundus has dropped". Whilst I'm not sure how much I like my child being referred to as Fundus (although could be a cool bump nickname??) it is good news.

I know I posted a belly shot yesterday, but Pete took another one in the afternoon and I cannot believe the difference a few hours made to the shape of my tum!
What do you think???

Monday, 22 December 2008

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Ikea: or why shopping till you drop is not a good idea when you're 8 months pregnant

On Thursday, Pete and I and my family, and my family's youth pastor, Michelle tripped down to Ikea for the day. We left at some ridiculous hour (6.30am) and were home at about 7.30pm (!!!!!!)

We got to Ikea at about 8.30, only to find that they don't open till 9.30 on weekdays! We were meeting some other friends there for breakfast too. So we popped next door and moseyed around the shops near Spotlight for an hour, and were back to Ikea waiting for the doors to open when it was time. Breakfast was SO good (probably because we were starving by then).

Then we shopped. And shopped. My parents are starting to renovate their kitchen, so were intrigued by all the little display rooms, and we looked at every single one. That's my favourite way to do Ikea so it suited me! We finished off most of our christmas shopping, and I had a great time, even though I was waddling like a duck and suffering through painful braxton hicks for a lot of the day!

We left Ikea at around 2 or 3pm, I can't really remember, and then we went over to the Hyperdrome - at least I think that's what it's called. Some big shopping centre in any case. We ate some (late) lunch, and then hit more shops. We left there around 5.45pm.

So we had done all our christmas shopping, plus some last minute things for bubby. We were all totally exhausted by the end of the day, but that and the aching legs the next day were totally worth it.

Our Christmas shopping...

Mum & Alexie being silly sausages :P

Leaving Ikea. I think Jordan was hungry

Mich and Bethanie

My sore, sad, slightly swollen and sorry feet

My gorgeous husband :) Feeling triumphant after a day's successful spending

Papa & Mich

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

36 week appointment

All is good :)

Blood pressure a little higher than normal: 130/93, but the doctor didn't seem to concerned.
Heart rate was 144, and was very cute, as when the doc found it with the doppler it was very loud, but bub obviously didn't like being poked around, and rolled over very abruptly.
Bub is still head down, and I'm guessing things will stay that way for the duration now, thank the Lord!

My bloods (which I had taken yesterday) came back good, although with a slightly elevated white blood cell count. My doc said this is nothing to worry about, and is reasonably normal at this stage of pregnancy.

And that was pretty much the appointment! I have one more appointment next week with this doctor in Noosa, then we're back home to Toowoomba next Friday (boxing day), and I have an appointment at the antenatal clinic Monday week. It's meant to be my 36 week appointment but will be nearly 38 weeks, lol.

Anyway, all is still going well, becoming slightly less comfortable and getting over the braxton hicks, but doc told me today that from how the baby is positioned he's pretty sure we've got at least another week snug in my tummy!

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Baby Shower

I had such a lovely day yesterday. Mum and my sisters did such a great job at organising everything , and I felt very spoilt.

Everyone started arriving at around 2pm, and Peter and "the boys" (ie my brother, and any other boyfriend or husband whose better half was at my party) went off to play golf and go to the beach, which Pete had always wanted to do as his own 'baby shower'.

We had set up what will be bub's bassinet (was also used by my Nanna's sisters, my mum and her siblings, and me and my siblings) and put out gifts that people who weren't able to make my shower had given me in the last few weeks.

Our mountain of gifts, and my cool heirloom bassinet

While we were waiting for everyone to arrive, my sisters got everyone drinks and caught up with each other. Then it was time for food! The table was full of all sorts of goodies, from blue and pink cupcakes, to meringues, a fruit platter, and my friend Michelle's incredibly delicious 4 layer dip (of which I ate at least 1/4 of the tray on my own!!! - the baby loves it :P ). My mum had concoccted the yummiest drink: lemonade, cranberry juice and frozen raspberries... mmmmmm. Once we had stuffed ourselves full we rolled back into the lounge to begin the games.

Each of us had to pick a little tag out of a bag, and there were a number of different little pictures (bibs, bottles, rattles etc) and you had to find the people who had the same tag as you to form teams. The games were as follows:

1) Each person had to write a baby-related problem and solution. These were then put into two separate bags, and I had to randomly choose one from each bag and read them out. Of course, they were all mixed up and we had some very funny combinations.

For example:
Problem: Pete begins to feel unloved and second best...
Solution: Have spare clothes not only for baby but for you!!! And a huge packet of wet ones.

Problem: Bright yellow poo leaks out of bub's nappy and all over baby and you...
Solution: Give baby to Grandma.

Mum's gorgeous god-daughter Kelsie(4) took this game very seriously. She helped me read out her problems and solutions.

2) The lemonade sippy-cup scull. 1 person from each team raced to finish their sippy cup first. It was very funny, and Michelle won by miles, and then did the most massive burp ever, lol. So ladylike.

Michelle, victorious!

3) The dummy spit. 1 person from each team had a dummy which they had to spit. The person who got the furtherest won! My mum participated in that one, but didn't win lol.

Mum about to spit the dummy

4) 2 people from each team had to play, one was the feeder and one was the taster. There were 4 different baby foods, and the tasters had to guess what was being fed to them. I think the flavours ended up being caramel custard, pumpkin and sweet corn, banana custard and beef and veg. Not many people guessed right, and lots of funny faces were pulled. I have been told that I must make my own baby food when the time comes, as it would be cruel to feed that to a baby.

Clearly this one tasted very yummy!

My Nanna liked the sweet ones...

After that I opened the mountain of presents people had brought. It was incredible and I was very blessed. I really don't think I have that much left to buy at all. We were even given a beautiful really good quality lambskin, which we had really wanted but weren't sure we could afford. And one of those baby play mat/gyms.... too cute. Most of what we got was very practical and so appreciated.

Bubby will be wearing this shirt A LOT!

It was such a lovely afternoon, I really enjoyed spending time with friends. It made me want to go home and finish off bubby's room! I tell you what, the cupboard in there is going to be totally bursting at the seams once we get all of this stuff in there! I can't believe that it's only 4 and a half weeks until we'll be meeting our little one. I so can't wait.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Hooly Dooly look at my tummy!!!

I can no longer see my toes, and couldn't see the scales at my last doctor's visit (ha not that that bothers me too much I'd rather not know!). Someone said to me last night that I'm bigger every time they see me (once a week or so), to which I replied, "I'm bigger every time I wake up!!!".
I got Pete to do a belly shot today, because I'm feeling big and heavy. I was shocked at the difference between my last and this one!!!

What do you think?

Savy Party

Last night, my mum, sisters and I went to the Savy (the ladies group at my family's church) Christmas break up party. It was a "Mystery Tour".

We met at the church at 5.15pm and boarded a bus which took us to the Noosa River and onto the Catalina for a cruise! My second in 2 weeks.. noice! I took my shoes off before getting on and off the boat this time.. wasn't risking anything.

It was so lovely, we spend the first half on the bottom deck eating nibblies and drinking our complimentary lemon lime and bitters, and then ventured up to the top deck to take in the 'vista'. It was gorgeous.. a lovely time of the evening and yesterday was much cooler than it has been so it was lovely weather too.

Here are a few shots I took of the beautiful Noosa River:

After the cruise we went back to the church, which was set up so beautifully for dinner. We had a delicious meal of salads, ham and turkey, and a selection of beautiful desserts. My family was the entertainment for the night, and we sang our hearts out. It was great!

The girls at church did such an awesome job and we all felt very spoiled and flash. It was a wonderful night.

Monday, 8 December 2008

Christmas Time!!!

On Saturday we *finally* got to put up a Christmas tree! Pete and I didn't get to do ours this year because we left Toowoomba at the end of October and Pete said that October is too early to do the tree. Grinch!!! So anyway, we had to wait, because in the Buma house we aren't allowed to start Christmas till after Mum's birthday (December 3).

So on Saturday night, we threw on a Christmas Carol CD, and got decorating...

(Clockwise from top right) Jordan stringing the christmas card pegs, Papa tries to make the star stay, while Jordan and Lockey watch, A candid shot of Alexie and Peter decorating the tree (not), Papa and Jordan posing.

Pretty Christmas bits... oh and Jack, who contentedly watched on the entire time (when we weren't harrassing him trying to take photos that is!)

Our centre piece... my brainwave the family christmas tree. I made these name baubles last year (to replace the apples we've had since I can remember), and they usually go on the tree, but they're kind of lost there. So this year, I bought this cool tree from Ikea, wrapped some pretty LED lights around it, and hung our name baubles from it. We've lost Tess (the other doggy) though :( I'm not quite sure where she's gone, so I'll have to make her another one. We're also going to make a 'baby bump' one that can be used whenever someone in the family is pregnant!

I've just realised that I don't have a proper picture of the finished tree... I'll get back to you!

Friday, 5 December 2008

Ankle Update

God is so good :) Thank you to everyone for their prayers!!

My ankle is *so* much better. I couldn't hack the crutches - you think pregnancy makes you clumsy, try it with crutches! So I started using it earlier than recommended. The first few days were not so comfortable, but I was okay so long as I spent part (read most) of the day with my feet UP!

I'm walking fine on it now... it's still painful at certain angles and the top of my foot feels really bruised, but I'm certainly on the mend.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Baby Checkup

All good :)
My blood pressure was a little higher than last week, but still good at 130/83. Bub's heartbeat is still sitting on 140bpm, and bubby is still sitting head down (but I could have told you that anyway!!!). Apparently there is still room for bub to grow upwards - but I beg to differ (lol)!!!

I'm feeling very sore today from sitting in one position sewing all day yesterday (will post a pic of what I made later). My hips and back are paying for it today so I'm going to spend today with my feet up! Thank the Lord for air conditioning by the way... the heat is totally sucking!

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

This week's funny

Thanks mum!

Sunday, 30 November 2008

The Cruise and other adventures

We had a great night last night! *Most* people came dressed up, and we had some great costumes there, including the Flintstones, Danny & Sandy from 'Grease', Austin Powers, and many more.
It was a lovely time together, with lots of laughs in a great setting.
Some pics!!!
Pete (The Cast Away) and I (Wilson!!)

Alexie (Elle Woods - Legally Blonde)

Jordan (Napoleon Dynamite)

Lockey ('Drover' - Australia), Bethanie (Tinkerbelle - Peter Pan)

If you would like to see more pics, have a look on my facebook I have uploaded all the pics from the night!

So yes, that part of the night was brilliant... the end however, not so great. That was when I slipped walking off the boat and ended up falling not-so-gracefully to the ground. I'm not quite sure what happened, I think my shoes were just slippery on the slightly wet surface and my feet came out from under me. My ankle bent in a strange direction and my knee went under me, but I managed to slide myself backwards and mostly land on my hip and bum - belly was safe!

I felt like SUCH a goose. I was in so much pain from my ankle, and was of course concerned about bubby. Everyone came around me and helped me up and got me to a park bench and someone got ice. Everyone was asking if bubby was okay. Once I was seated bubby started kicking around which was a relief, but I was in so much pain with my ankle. After a while Pete got me to the car, and we decided we'd better go to the hospital to get my foot checked. By then I was starting to hurt in my knee, wrist, elbow, hip and tail bone also.
We were very lucky because no one was in the emergency room when we got there so we got straight in to the triage nurse who took all my BP (unsurprisingly sky-high), temp etc. and then checked bubby's heartbeat which was completely fine (Thank you Jesus!!!). I only had to wait about 5 minutes to see the doctor. He (who by the way looked like a not-buff version of Arnold Schwarzenegger) had a good play with my foot which was agony (it was about twice it's usual size by then), but said that he doesn't believe there's a break, and would rather not do x-rays because of bubby - which is fine with me! He said it's quite badly sprained, strapped it all up and provided crutches. I'm not supposed to use it for at least 2 days and have to take it very easy for 2 weeks!
Crutches and 7.5 month pregnant belly are not a good combination let me tell you... but I'll cope. I'm just glad bub's okay and that I didn't fall any more awkwardly!

So yes, very eventful evening.. but still had fun in spite of all of that. Am very very sore and stiff today. Falling over SUCKS!!!!

Ooh and on a much happier note, I have my hubby back!!!!



He no longer has a need for the fuzzy Cast Away look, so he has SHAVED! Woot. I can kiss him again. He is such a spunk without all that fluff on his face, and it was driving him insane anyway. He looks so much younger and hotter clean-shaven... *sigh*.
Okay, off to give him a smooch... lol.


Friday, 28 November 2008

Belly Update

33 weeks already... can you believe it??
I can see a huge difference between this and the last one, both in size and shape. Maybe because I can feel a huge difference also...

Fancy Dress

So on Saturday we are going to a youth break up party: A cruise on the Catalina along the Noosa River! Very much looking forward to it. We have to dress up as a character from a movie.

My darling husband decided to use this as an excuse not to shave for a fortnight and is going as Tom Hank's character from Castaway. It is backfiring as the heat is making his prickly face very itchy, and the frequency of kisses has been significantly decreased in the last week, but he is persevering.

So anyway, I ummed and aah-ed over what I should go as.. me with my 33 week pregnant bump. The obvious was Juno, and we discussed Princess Fiona (Shrek 2), either the mum or daughter from Father of the Bride II, Virgin Mary, Paulette from Legally Blonde... none of them jumped out at me. Until someone from a forum I visit suggested Wilson. You know, Wilson, the volleyball from Castaway. Perfect!!! So, I am (or rather bubby-bump is) going as Wilson. And I have pictures. Would you like to see???

I have sewed another layer of 'feathers' on, and I'm going to paint over the face so it looks more like blood and less like permanent marker, but it's pretty cool huh??

My clever Nana

Made me this AWESOME nappy bag. In my favourite colours. With LOTS of pockets. I love it. And I don't care if my husband has to carry a pink bag or if my baby is a boy. It is, after all, MY accessory, not theirs :P :P

How cool is it???

It also came packed full with all of these little goodies.... no prizes for guessing what sex my Nana thinks the baby is :P :P

Thanks Nana!! Love you...

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

One Word

Where is your mobile phone? Bench
Where is your significant other? Work
Your hair colour? Blondish
Your mother? Wonderful
Your father? Busy
Your favourite thing? Family
Your dream last night? Weird
Your dream goal? Heaven
The room you're in? Lounge
Your hobby? Arts
Your fear? Loss
Where do you want to be in 6 years? Mother
Where were you last night? Parents
What you're not? Mean
One of your wish-list items? Piano
Where you grew up? Noosa
The last thing you did? watched
What are you wearing? Dress
Your TV? Movie
Your pets? Swim!
Your computer? Lovely
Your mood? Hot
Missing someone? Hubby
Something you're not wearing? Shoes
Favourite shop? Beads
Your summer? Muggy
Love someone? Peter
Your favourite colour? Pink&Green (cannot be answered in one word sorry!!!)
When is the last time you laughed? Now
When is the last time you cried? recently

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Embarrassing/Silly Wedding Photos

I was reading a thread of embarrassing wedding photos on a wedding forum I frequent, so decided to look for some of my own. Ooh we had a few :P Thought I'd share. Maybe later I'll do a post with some of my favourite wedding photos.

Me and Papa pre-wedding. Clearly, I take after my Pop, who is incapable of shutting up for long enough to pose for a photo :P

My family and I (apart from Jordan my brother who was getting ready with Pete). I promise you we were all very excited and happy about this wedding!

I was seriously over smiling by this point, plus my feet were killing me and I had a major over-tired headache - (Penny was finding me neurofen as I posed :P )

Seriously Hon, I really don't think I was *that* heavy!!!!

This photo is slightly concerning - the way my brother-in-law keeps his face so calm and collected as he attempts to strangle my brother :P :P

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