Sunday, 7 March 2010

Adjusting to Real Life…

Yes.. my days as a summer uni student are over. No more four-month-long holidays for me!

Uni went back on Monday. And Mayana started Daycare. I hate calling it that. Not sure why, it makes me get guilty Mama syndrome or something. I want to call it something a little less cold or something. But anyway.

It all went well.

Day one.. Mayana was so happy to walk into this room with lots of fun toys, and all these kids to play with! We stayed for a few minutes, because we didn’t want to leave her. She played. We went to her and picked her up to cuddle and kiss her goodbye. She cried. Why? Not because we were leaving… no… because we stopped her from playing. She squirmed until we put her down, then waved us goodbye as we walked out the door.  And in case you were wondering, I was very brave also. Not a tear.

And uni was great! We had a two hour math lecture. I know you’re thinking that the words ‘great’ and ‘math lecture’ don’t belong in the same paragraph – but I truthfully did enjoy it.  I learned a lot, and it’s soooo nice to be back at uni in a real classroom with a real teacher and not sitting at my computer doing learning through a screen. And it’s so nice to exercise my brain-muscle. Cos I do have smarts in there somewhere, and by george I am going to exploit them something fierce this year – just watch me. High Distinctions here I come!

We rang daycare (urgh, that word again) after class, and Mayana was doing so well. Here group leader kept saying that she couldn’t believe how happy, confident and bright our little bean is. *Proud Mama moment*. She said she hadn’t seen a little one so secure on their first day ever at daycare! Yes sir, that’s my baby!

So in a moment of baby-free elation, Peter and I spontaneously decided to use up some movie tickets he’d bought us for Valentines Day. So off we went, just the two of us, and watched a movie. Valentines Day, cornily enough. Pretty good flick really.

I got a little antsy towards the end. My heart was missing my little princess so much. And can I tell you there is NOTHING in the world like walking into that little “Bilby’s Room” and watching those big blue eyes light up as they take in Mama and Papa. *sigh*. And I swiftly turn into a puddle of heart on the floor.

Tuesday we have off. Wednesday is a big day at uni. Day two was a bit harder. ‘They’ reckon it often is, because they know they’re being left behind. And Mayana *knew*. She still got down and played, but a bit closer to my legs. And ran after me if I moved away from her. And when I walked out the door those baby-blues filled with tears. And my heart sank to my toes. ‘They’ say you should be strong – walk away. But I couldn’t. I went back in. And cuddled those tears away. We played with blocks. I told her I had to go to uni, and she could play with her group leader. She stood up and walked over to the group leader and had a big cuddle. And they played with blocks and Mayana laughed and I left, happy that my baby was happy. And Mayana did her very first painting!

Friday, day three, was very happily more like day one. She really is liking it. She plays all day long, and is having naps, and eating really well. And she smiles so big when we get there and gives me the best ever squishy cuddles.

And by Friday, I was still feeling great about uni. So total win-win. Watch me conquer this year. Just watch.

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