Friday, 26 March 2010

I so love to sew….

The sewing machine has taken up residence on our dining room table for the last couple of days. Partly because I can’t find space for it on my office desk (we’re tackling that monster tomorrow), and partly because it is easier to keep an eye on our roving Mayana Berry from the vantage point of our dining room table, which is right next to her play area – also known as our lounge-room.

So I wanted to make Mayana some new pretty things. The child has a million clothes, but only one skirt. Which is why I decided a skirt was the way to go. I had also procured a delicious brown corduroy with purple flowers (with the $10 voucher I got in the mail for being a Spotlight VIP member) that I had high hopes for. So once I got this idea in my head, I had to go through with it. I may or may not have sat up until some ridiculous hour on Wednesday night honing my pattern and cutting out material. By the way, I hate cutting out, it is the suckiest part of sewing by far! And I may or may not have sat up to a ridiculous hour last night, eventually producing not one but TWO cute little skirts for my cute little girl.

BUT…. really, there are FOUR gorgeous skirts!! You see, I got very clever with this pattern, and made it reversible! So each skirt is really 2-in-1! Now how’s that for good value!

So without any further ado… here are pictures of my adorable new, designed by me, super-cool two-in-one skirts!




IMGP1752 IMGP1754



So what do you think!????

There is also plans for a lovely little number with a cutie-pie ladybug print on one side, and red with white polka-dots on the other. Just you wait!!!

By the way, the third skirt will soon be making it’s way to be listed on my made-it shop, as will the red one! So make sure you keep an eye out!

Now, I should probably go and put the sewing machine away so we can use our table for breakfast tomorrow!


  1. Oh, the cleverness of you!! Love Mama. xx

  2. Hey Zoey... I can't seem to click into your made it shop... is there another link?

    Ronnie :)

  3. Hi Zoey, Love your blog! Nice job with your sewing, skirt 3 is especially gorgeous! Thanks for visiting my blog, and for your lovely comment :)

  4. Well done! Most impressive.
    I too hate cutting out, so I always try to do it all in one go so that next time I can just get on with the sewing!


Thank you!!


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