Monday, 15 March 2010

Mayana’s Week…

Mayana has had a wonderful week. Every day is a new discovery and a new reason to fall in love with my little girl. She is so amazing.

She’s coping so well at daycare, and seems to really enjoy it. I’m really proud of how well she’s settled in. All her carers tell me every day how adoreable she is, and how clever. They can’t get over how advanced and refined she is with her motor skills. All that stuff that makes my Mama-head swell with pride. They’ve actually started to transition her into the toddler room already, and last week she even fell asleep on a mat in a room full of other kids!

She’s teething at the moment; four molars and four eyeteeth are trying to make an appearance. Her poor little bottom is red raw and she has the cold-like symptoms that are usually synonymous with her teething. The night times are a little miserable and I hate seeing her sad and sore.

She has started saying ‘bubbles’, because they are one of her favourite things, ‘Papa’ is her favourite person right now, and the only one who can calm her down when she wakes up at night. She is still obsessed with ‘duckies’, and apparently there is a ‘five little ducks’ book at daycare which she loves. When other kids have it she runs after them demanding, “Ta! Ta!”. ‘Tinka Tinka’ (Twinkle Twinkle) is a favourite song, and she can do all the actions. My little baby is turning into a real little girl and I love it, but it scares me at the same time.

 IMGP0963 [Sunday – on the way home from Noosa]

IMGP0968 IMGP0981 [Mayana has a total obsession with my shoes. She strews them all over the house, and likes to try them on]

IMGP0983 [A new smile Mayana has started pulling when the camera comes out. So, do you think she’s over the photos or something?]

IMGP0985 IMGP0986[I had a touch of gastro last week, and Mayana was very sensitive to the face that I wasn’t feeling well. She kept coming up to the couch for snuggles. It made me feel much better!]

IMGP1001 [She’s not always a perfect smiling happy baby!]

IMGP1056 [Enjoying the scenery on her first ever bushwalk at Crows Nest on Saturday]


IMGP1061 [She was carried for most of the walk, but did a reasonable amount of walking too…]

IMGP1062  IMGP1084 [She was very intrigued by the waterfalls…]

IMGP1129 [‘Let’s keep walking already Mama!’]


IMGP1178[Dressed up for church on Sunday. This gorgeous dress was a birthday gift from my cousin Grace]


[Walker becomes a climbing toy at a playdate…]


  1. Love love love the pix, what a gorjuice young lady she is becoming!! Haha to some of those faces!! And yaaay to the duckies!! Gotta love that, I have plenty to show her, next time she comes to visit. LOL
    xxxxxxxs and cuddles
    from Nan and Pop

  2. My niece is the cutest in the whole wide world!

    And Zoey - the photos are beautiful. x


Thank you!!


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