Friday, 12 June 2009

warm feet

I don't know about you, but I'm the sort of person who if I have cold feet, then all of me feels cold. My slip-on slippers just weren't cutting it with this icy cold weather, far too much foot and ankle exposed, so today I went on the hunt for something warmer.

I chose these. They may not be pretty - I think they kind of look like suede gum-boots.. but they are warm, and comfy - plus they were on sale! They are called Uggly Volleys, and I love them. They are dunlop volley soles on ugg boots. I have a feeling they will be getting a LOT of wear over the next few months...


  1. im the same - if my feet are cold then im cold..

    i own uggies too! mine are black and are from years ago :)

  2. I'm the same too, my feet control my whole body temp. Unfortunately I have such bad circulation that right now I'm wearing two pairs of socks plus my uggs and I'm still cold! I've heard you can get uggs that are like wheat packs that you heat in the microwave, I'm totally getting some of those!

  3. Ugly volleys. I love it! I might have to get some also because Pepper has thoroughly destroyed my current slippers.

    Our temps might npt be as low as you, but they are still FREEZING for the sunshine coast!!

  4. AWESOME!!!

    where did you get them? I want some now daddy!

  5. LOL, I have a pair too. Mine are black with pink trim on the top. I love em! They are unusual. I want to get 2 more pairs, a pink pair like yours and a light tan pair. May as well get a few pairs as they are on special for $30 a pair at Big W at the moment. Did you read the tag that came with them? It has the Uggly family tree on it. LOL.


Thank you!!


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