Sunday, 27 January 2008

Happy Australia Day!

We all bought corny Australia Day shirts and hats this year. It was heaps of fun walking through the shops in our cool shirts and caps - getting lots of stares... lol ... except from the people who were also being patriotic (ie flag wearers). With those people it was like a kind of unspoken bond.

Complete strangers yet something in common. No words needed.

Tara Road

This weekend, I watched the movie Tara Road. It is a really lovely story based on the Maeve Binchy novel by the same name.

I watched it around this time last year and really loved it. Between then and now however, I actually read the novel. I have to say second time round with the movie I was really dissapointed! Knowing how much more there is to the story I was left wanting more from the movie.

When I watched it last time, I knew no different so I thought it was a beautiful story (which it is) but now it's like I know how much is missing and it's not the same.

Books are ALWAYS better than movies!

Week 4

This week we had the most beautiful full moon. It was gloriously big and was hanging so low in the sky that you felt like if you just reached out you would be able to touch it.

My husband, mum and sisters and I decided to take the opportunity to head down to the Noosa Spit (rivermouth) and take some photos. We watched the moon rise over the water. It was so eerie- there was no one else around, no light apart from the moonlight that we were being bathed in. The sound of the waves and the reflections of the moon on that water. It was gorgeous.

I haven't the most steady of hands, and I only have a simple 'point-and-shoot' digital camera but I was still pretty proud of a couple of my shots. You can see in one the big moon and it's reflection on the ocean. I also was playing with the camera by moving it around while the shutter was open on night shot. I was really excited when this one turned out in the shape of an almost love-heart!

Week 3

On Friday the 18th, we attended the art exhibition of our good friend Cindy Wider at the Cooper Gallery in Hasting's street, Noosa. She has beautiful work, I encourage you to take a look.

It was a great night, and my sisters and I had lots of fun dressing up for the occasion. We wore our gorgeous feathered fascinators that we got for Christmas; slinky black dresses and white shoes. It's always fun dressing up with your sisters.

It was a really lovely night. After the exhibition, my family, as well as Cindy and her family and some other friends went to the most wonderful Thai Restaurant in Noosa, Krung Thep for yummy food and fun times.
I am loving having this uni break with my family and friends and making so many excellent memories.

Wednesday, 23 January 2008


So we've all heard the headlines. Heath is gone. It's such a tragedy. A little girl won't know her daddy. And the saddest thing is at her age she probably will have no memories either.
It makes me think though, how much I hate people saying, "what a waste". I get that they are talking about the years that could have been - I just think that we should instead talk about what a great life he lived. His life was not a waste. His little daughter is proof of that. The stories and memories that his family have is proof.
I hope that if I am unfortunate enough to die at a young age, that people will not say, "what a waste", but that they will look at all that I have achieved, the relationships I have and the people I have touched and focus on that.
No life is a waste.

Saturday, 19 January 2008

A year of my life - a deck of cards

My new creative outlet for the year... A scrapbook of my life. 52 cards in a deck, 52 weeks in a year. With you I will share.

What a crazy first week! I didn't realise how much happened this week until I sat down to do this.

Our awesome new years eve party, a new cousin born, and friends joined in marriage.

What a positive start to a new year.

Second week of 2008 was very rainy. I recently bought the first six seasons of Gilmore Girls. My sister and I have been loyally addicted since that time, and in this rainy week we managed to get my mum hooked too! So instead of holing up in my sister's hot bedroom we've been able to enjoy our fave show in the air-conditioned comfort of my parent's lounge-room on their new cloud-like couches. Noice!

Ooohh plus my hubby got me a gorgeous bunch of oriental lillies, for this first time in aages. One of the perils of being a couple of full time uni students is that luxuries like that don't occur often.

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