Tuesday, 23 March 2010


When we were in Perth, we very much enjoyed all the fresh bread we got to eat. You see, a lot of our family over there have breadmakers, and make beautiful fresh bread nearly every day.

We had a breadmaker when I was a kid, but then my parent’s breadmaker died a little, and they lost their breadmaking mojo.

So anyway, we became inspired by our Perth family… and Pete has always wanted one… so we bought ourselves a breadmaker. And have been very much enjoying yummy fresh bread.

We have also discovered a lovely little breadshop here in our town, and have been trying out their various mixes.

So I thought I would write some little reviews on what we’ve tried so far. Partly just in case you want to try them, but mostly so I remember which ones we liked, and which ones not so much.

So, here goes.


This was our very first loaf. Multigrain. Actually multigrain has been what we’ve mainly made – as we bought a massive bag of multigrain mix. It’s only recently that we’ve branched out and bought a variety of different mixes. The multigrain is beautiful. We’ve discovered that if you add about 10mL extra water, your loaf becomes that little bit lighter and fluffier, turns out perfect every time. We also use 1-2tablespoons of rice bran oil, on the advice of our lovely breadshop lady. Beautiful.

The next one we tried was called Leckerbrot – a German mix. Full of seeds – different and more than the multigrain mix. Quite delicious, but we couldn’t tell *that* much that it wasn’t the multigrain. No photo of that one though.


Dark rye. This is my favourite so far. It’s so smooth and beautifully brown and delicious. Pete is still not quite sold on the slightly unique taste of rye, but I’m a most definitely a fan. It’s certainly on my list to buy again!


These are cinnamon scrolls. Kind of. We made a batch of the sweet bun mix from the breadshop, but we aren’t having great success with it. They still taste awesome, but they don’t look very bunly. We follow all the directions, but instead of rising upwards, they sort of just ooze. Help anyone? For those interested, to make cinnamon scrolls, you roll out the dough, brush with melted butter, sprinkle with a mix of blitzed pecan nuts, brown sugar and cinnamon, drizzle with more melted butter, roll up, slice, allow to rise, then bake.

IMGP1574Now these are not from my breadmaker, but I had to share because they’re so delicious. Blueberry muffins. They were originally going to be banana muffins, but I didn’t read the recipe properly and didn’t realise that I was supposed to substiute certain ingredients from the basic muffin recipe I was following. Oops. Luckily I had a packet of blueberries in the freezer. Yummmmmy! Maybe I’ll make banana muffins next week!


  1. Yummo, they all look great. Nothing beats the smell of fresh bread!! Peter always wanted me to get a bread maker, I used to laugh and say "but we get our bread for free". But it is a great idea. xx

  2. Love it!! Thanks so much for getting us onto that shop... We love it i only buy the mixes now. We love the multigrain too and soy and linseed. I also really liked the choclate and hazlenut didn't taste really choclaty but that was what we liked.


Thank you!!


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