Tuesday, 23 March 2010

aaah.. books…

We went to the library today. We were well overdue for a visit (literally, Pete got an overdue notice in the mail yesterday).

I love the library- and ours is especially good. It is one thing about this town that I will miss when we leave. It has a particularly good selection of Christian fiction…. Karen Kingsbury, Lauraine Snelling, Janette Oke, Robin Jones Gunn… all my favourites, and so many new discoveries to be made! Love it!


They also have a great kids section, with lots of stuff to entertain the little ones, and millions of books. I love it so much.

I always come away with a heavy bag and very full library card. Mayana loves the library too, she LOVES choosing books, loves playing in the firetruck and with the other kids in the kid’s section.

IMGP1603Mayana’s selection of books from today… including two about DUCKIES!!! 

And Pete is the perfect husband who follows me around with a bag and carries all my books for me. And picks up a few of his own while he’s at it. Love it! He likes to look through the random music, and he’s found some great CD’s in his time.


We’re big fans of talking books too, they’re great for long car rides, and we found a couple of interesting looking ones today.


Oh I love the library… you should try it!

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  1. I love the library! Ours doesn't have such a good Christian fiction section though, that would be excellent.


Thank you!!


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