Wednesday, 17 March 2010

I like it pink

I’ve decided to join in the fun of ‘My Place and Yours’… a photographic blog meme hosted over at Hello Owl. This week’s theme is PINK, which being one of my two very favourite colours, is a perfect theme for my first game.

So…. some snippets of the pink in my place!

IMGP1294 [My lovely pink mp3 player]

IMGP1296 [Gorgeous pink silk flower arrangement. A 21st birthday present from my husband’s aunty.]

IMGP1297 [My beautiful porcelain doll. A 16th birthday gift from my Great Granny Alice.]

IMGP1299 [A small selection of Mayana’s vast amount of pink belongings.]

IMGP1304 [Pink scarf and snugly fluffy dressing gown – a 21st birthday gift from my mother-in-law.]

IMGP1305 [A left-over Christmas decoration. Oops!]

IMGP1308 [My beautiful and bright pink office chair.]

IMGP1310 [Pink detail in my bathroom. This green cute bucket is left over from my wedding – it was used to hold the bubbles… now it holds my collection of hair accessories]

IMGP1313 [Yummy pink smelly things.]

IMGP1318 [Our romance spot. The pink flowers are home to lovely little fairy lights. I think I need a new bedlamp though!]

Go on… why don’t you play along too… you know you want to!


  1. I love your pink things Zoey! And don't worry about the Christmas decorations- I have cute patchwork christmas trees up all year 'round!

  2. Love the flowers and fairy lights on your bed!! So many pretty pink things at your place....very nice.

  3. Haha with two little girls my house is very pink too! just letting you know you have inspired me to start my own blog :)
    Sarah Young

  4. Loving all the pink at your house, Zoey, especially the tinsel!!

  5. definitely do like, and have heaps of pink in your life! It does seem to add a brightness to things when you think about it! oops, maybe I'm mellowing! :)

  6. Pink pink everywhere...Thanks for sharing your pink!


Thank you!!


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