Thursday, 31 July 2008

On the home front

Blog readers who are wondering (yes this is for you karlos) the update is that we are NOT moving. There just wasn't anything on our side of town that was any bigger than where we are now anyway... and it just isn't worth it for us to move to the other side of town when you take into account the cost of petrol. So we are staying put for at least a year, and we'll reconsider this time next year.

By the way... I miss you Karlos!!! Visiting the coast just isn't the same without you there... especially walking in to Big W without seeing your smiling face, and no-one else there will give me a hug!

Zoey x

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Ikea and stuff for bubs

Well we are no longer Ikea virgins.

On Saturday, we spent around 3 hours wandering around the humungous Logan store. It's so huge, I still don't think we looked at everything.

We decided on a cot and change table that we like, but by the time we got down to the second floor, they were all sold out for the day. We were told that they'd have more the next day... but that wasn't going to happen. Luckily they're something that is always there and always at that price.

So this is the cot:
And this is the change table:

They're not anything very fancy, but we love the colour of the wood, and we love that they're not very bulky, as bubby's room is quite small.

Yesterday we went to Target and put some baby things on Christmas layby!

This pram was on sale... half price at $99!!

The car seat was on sale for $149

And our bath is very similar to this, but in blue. So cool!!!

So we are very happy with all our purchases (if you can call them that when they are on layby!) and stoked at the amount of money we'll be saving.

Oh and bubby is 16 weeks today, which means we only have 3 weeks to go till our big scan!!!
We're so very excited.

Anyway have to go for now as Pete needs to find some stuff for uni on the computer.



Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Home and uni and 15 weeks

Back at it...

fun fun fun!

I had my first class yesterday. It sounds like it's going to be good.. the teacher is lovely and the course is actually well-organised (just for something different).
Only bummer is the $100 textbook! Don't know how we're going to deal with that one.

Bubby clicked over to 15 weeks yesterday! So exciting. We're definitely starting to feel a little teensy bump appearing. I think I've felt a few flutters, but I'm not 100% sure. Some people don't start feeling anything until 19 or 20 weeks! I want to feel bubby now. lol. All in good time. Just can't wait until the scan!!!

It's so darn cold in Toowoomba. Hasn't gotten above 10 degrees today. It's really overcast sleepy weather. Suits my sleepy state.

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

By the way

Bubby was 14 weeks yesterday!

Only 4 or so weeks until I get to see our little miracle again!

Pete thinks our baby is a girl.. to the point that he has started referring to bubby as 'she'.

I secretly hope he's right. But we'll still be happy if it's a little fella in there :)

Cool photos

Pete took these with our sweet new camera... so cool!

The backyard and cool sunset sky with the 'negative' setting

My family dogs, Tess (foreground) and Jack (background)

The ghost in the sunroom! How cool is that!!!

feeling creative

Yesterday I struck some inspiration.. I haven't done any beading (aside from that button order for Mel) for such a long time. Yesterday I pulled out my beads and before I knew it I had beaded up a storm! I've still got it.... lol.

Here are my newest creations:

Woven (peote stitch) bracelet... gold wire, black, silver and red chzek -fired crystals.

Simple bracelet... glass and lampwork beads with a couple of chzek crystals

Wired glass pendant with a strand of glass beads on tiger-wire.

Love this one! Wired glass pendant with glass bead and silver necklace. I love the teal coloured beads with the black squiggles.

Black and white button necklace (another order for Mel.. lol)

Huge hoopy earrings with a turquoise swarovski for a bit of colour.

Glass lampwork bead earrings

Pink, silver, black, blue and clear Chzek fired crystal wrap-around memory wire bracelet.

Lampwork and Chzek fired crystals with gorgeous silver findings.. this is another wrap around bracelet which means no fiddly clasps!!!!

And that's all... for now :) Mel has requested some new pieces for selling at the shop... so I'm working hard.

Friday, 11 July 2008

My new look...

I went to see the wonderful Mel at Salon Unique in Cooroy yesterday, and in exchange for this jewellery set:
She gave me this GORGEOUS haircut:

It's very different, but I really love it. I feel very trendy.. lol. On Monday, in exchange for another button necklace, she is going to put some foils in my hair. Then I'm going to look HOT! lol. She is the best hairdresser in the world.

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

13 weeks today

Strictly speaking this is a 12 week old baby, but it's just so incredible! My little bean with the flickering heartbeat now looks like this! I can't wait to meet him or her.

I'm officially in the second trimester... how exciting! I've stopped feeling really seedy in the afternoons, but the smell of food cooking still makes me feel really ill. I'm still peeing like anything - that's meant to stop sometime in this trimester and start up again in the next.. but I'm not holding my breath, lol.

I am getting a little bump. You can't really see it past my flab yet, but I can feel it, and I'm able to show Pete how to feel it, which he was very excited about. He kept saying, "can I feel bubby again?!" My pants are beginning to be a bit of a firmer fit too.. It's all so exciting. I can't wait to have a baby belly!

Love Zoey and Bubby

Sweet new camera

Today Pete and I decided to pool our leftover birthday money and get a new camera. Our other camera wasn't really dead, just old... only 3.2megapixels which is smaller than most new So anyway, we picked up a really cute little samsung for $88(!!!!!)which is bright red, and 7.2megapixel! It has heaps of new features and Pete's stoked with it because you can adjust the shutter speed and all those kind of photographer-y things which he likes to do.

Here are some pics we took today while we were experimenting with the settings...

Monday, 7 July 2008

Bunya Mountains

At the end of last week, my Mum, Dad, Oma, Pete and I spent two beautiful days at the Bunya Mountains. It was so lovely. We rented a gorgeous house, with amazing views and a yummy fireplace and spent the time veging out: reading, playing games, talking, eating, walking and just enjoying ourselves. So I thought I'd share some of our happy snaps :)

This is 'Hillcrest', the pretty house that we stayed in.

My Mum, me and my Oma having a rest in the middle of our 4km walk.

The view from the back balcony. This was taken on the last day which was a really foggy day. We got to experience all kinds of weather while we were up there, it was so cool.

Feed the birds.. tuppence a bag... My dad, the bird lady.. hehe

Dinner at the sole Bunya Mountains restaurant. It was INCREDIBLE. You wouldn't believe the food. I wish we had taken a photo it was presented so beautifully.

The lounge room of Hillcrest. With the lovely fireplace. Notice the wonderful windows and the amazing view they reveal...

Ooh this was a funny one. On the way out there, we were driving along this country road and there were two pigs: a gentleman big taking his lady out for a morning stroll (not feral pigs either). We made Pete jump out of the car to take a photo, but he wouldn't get very close. He was scared they'd charge him or something.

Mum and I standing in the hollow of a strangler fig tree. It's really cool, the path goes right through the middle.

That's all I have for now, I thought we'd taken way more photos than we have. Don't ya hate that! I think Pete's got a whole stack on his SLR camera... if only it were digital!!!

Anyway, we're in Noosa now for two weeks, hanging out, chillaxing. I don't want it to go too fast!!! I'm not ready to go back to uni.

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