Friday, 30 May 2008

Ooh happy note...

How cool is my new pretty blog look?? I finally figured out how to do a groovy background...

Now if that funky pink and green pattern isn't *me*, I don't know what is.

Top of 14.

That is COLD. My nose is an ice block.

I'm grumpy because I really wanted to go to On Stage tonight. It's a variety show that my old school puts on biannually, and my brother and sister are in it TONIGHT and I'm in freezing Toowoomba wishing I was there. Sad grumpy me. Stoopid uni and assignments and money and expensive petrol.

Also didn't sleep so much last night because the neighbour left her outside light on, which is right next to our bedroom window... sleeping time should be DARK!!!!

I'm sorry for all the grumpy posts lately...

Bah humbug.

Thursday, 29 May 2008

Gilmore Girls quote of the day:

"You are totally deep in my bogus bag at the moment, and it's zip-locked shut"

By Gil, to Zach, in season 6 when Zach is trying to get Hep Alien back together. I totally am going to use that next time I'm ticked at someone!!!

My husband is gorgeous

This is me and Pete, my mum and sister Alexie at a friend's "Pink" 21st birthday party...

Pete is wearing a glittery mullet wig, backwards, and a pink feather boa. Totally his look, right?

Oh and we are holding the yummy box of pink chocolates that we won for being able to correctly answer the most answers about the birthday girl.

arrghh so over it

Time for a whinge.

I am SO over uni. I'm so tired!!! And do you realise how many assignments I have to do in the next 3 weeks!?? They're crazy people. We've just finished a huge prac for crying out loud. There is too much to do. I wish we could have a holiday straight after prac... or at least a couple of weeks hiatus from assignments!!!

I'm tired, and snarky, and snappy, smad and snarkastic, and COLD. Oh because that's something else, Toowoomba has decided that it's winter already, even though we have officially got 2 days before it starts. I am seriously wearing mittens right now in my own lounge room (even Pete's freezing and that's saying something). And it's been overcast for the last 2 days, and I have no underwear left and really need to wash, but what's the point when it won't dry!! It's coming close to me having to apologise to the environment and send of 40kg of green house gasses into the atmosphere with my clothes dryer. It's time for the flanalette sheets and the electric blanket methinks.

I'm like, 6 weeks behind in the year of my life thing... so slack!! But not really, just trying to prioritise and get some assignments finished first. Except that I've read one and a half books from the Anne of Green Gables series in procrastination against what I should be doing. I love Anne of Green Gables. And Gilmore Girls. Yes, I'm very bad.

I need sleep... in a big way.

Friday, 23 May 2008

let you down

I know I'm sorry. I'm not as much better than my slack husband as I thought I was (okay so I'm not sure if that sentence works.. but oh well). I totally fizzled with the whole prac blog thing. It wasn't intentional. I've just been SO tired and lazy.. lol. There's been a lot happening... more than just prac. Pretty exciting really, and I promise to fill you in really soon.

In any case prac is over and I can't believe how quickly it has flown. I had an awesome time, and loved my class so much. I felt like I had a really good connection with the kids, and they were all really sad when I left today. I got lots of cuddles, even from the boys. They told me I was a really great teacher and they hope I do really well at uni and get qualified soon so that I can come back and teach at Suncoast. I wish!!! It was a good time and such great experience.

The best thing is, I have my first OUTSTANDING!!!!! For prac, there are four ratings: At Risk (means you're in trouble) Satisfactory, Quality and Outstanding. I have always gotten quality, which is good, but I have really high expectations of myself and have always been dissapointed in that. So finally I have scored myself an Outstanding. I'm so excited, it will be really good on my record and I'm just proud of myself.

Hmm so back to the uni grind. Here on out is going to be insane.. there's only a few weeks until holidays about about 250 million assignments before then (slight exaggeration perhaps). So it's full steam aheah for that now.. plus all this other stuff we've now got going on! Exciting times!

I should be back to normal posting practices now... I'll be around a lot more I should think.

As for now, I need to get ready to go out.. so later gaze!!

Sunday, 11 May 2008

teacher me has taken over

and the rest of me is AWOL. Therefore I apologise for not being here at all this week. I've had a great week which you can read about on my prac blog.

I'm enjoying having time with my family, and I'm so happy that I got to celebrate my sister's 16th birthday with her.

I'm still in the midst of a sugar hangover after her "sweet" 16th party.

My sister and husby cooked up a storm with the most delectable sugary delights a person could imagine. The most sickly would have to be the row of cadbury's caramel filled chocolate block rolled in puff pastry and cooked in the oven just enough that it all melts together. Mmmmmm. But SO sweet. Too sweet really. But great for a sometimes (read hardly ever) food.

But for now I need sleep!

Later xox

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

ooh forgot to tell you

That microteaching that I was telling you about - I scored an 8/10 for it :) Very happy chappy :)

Prac blog is LIVE

And unlike my husband I am a good prac blogger.. hehehe

So check 'er out:


Friday, 2 May 2008

Totally slack

and I apologise. I haven't done my card for last week. I have it all planned. It will be ANZAC day themed. I've been really busy this week, getting assignments done etc. while Pete's on prac. I start prac next week, and I'm REALLY looking forward to it.

I'm SO tired. I'm not sure why but I just can't seem to wake up properly this week! I"ve been sleeping well but still wake up sleepy. blah.

Pete has LOVED prac. He's feeling totally confirmed in what he wants to do. He's had such fun and has really enjoyed teaching and getting to know the kids. He has, however, been a very slack blogger. Worse than me!

I"m doing a miroteaching lesson today. I thoroughly believe microteaching lessons are designed merely to humiliate. I have to pretend to teach 8 of my classmates, who will be pretending to be 5 and 6 year old grade 1 students. I have a great lesson plan organised though. Luckily I did drama in highschool - I'm an old-hand at getting into character.. lol.
Actually, that entire class is an excuse to humiliate. A few weeks ago, our teacher had us squatting and clucking, pretending to be chickens. AND she makes us SIT on the FLOOR!!! Seriously! I guess a huge chunk of being a good teacher is losing all your inhibitions. Maybe this course aims to do that, because it doesn't really fullfill it's intentions of teaching us about literacy!

My family is coming for the weekend. They'll be here thisafternoon, and I'll be at uni sitting on the carpet pretending to be a chook again probably. Geez.
They're coming here because we're running away from a wedding that we don't want to go to.. hehe. And also because it's my dad's birthday on Sunday so we're going to do something special... called buffet breakfast and visit to a winery.. mmmmm. It will be a good day.

I should probably go.. I'm once again living up to my title, I should be getting dinner ready (cooking butter chicken in the slow cooker) or having a shower or eating lunch or something. Instead I'm blogging while watching Gilmore Girls. How great is my life!

Later Gaze...

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