Saturday, 13 March 2010

Adding to the Stash

So after a bit of an unofficial hiatus from cloth-nappy using… what with our interstate trip, a million roadtrips between here, Mundubbera and the coast, 8 new teeth and horrible nappy rash, we had sadly become somewhat lax with our cloth nappies.

But I had been given a lovely piece of soft pink PUL, and a bundle of soft hemp towelling, and they were crying out to be made into nappies. So I did some online shopping and ordered some yummy soft pink micro-fleece, and baby-pink velcro… and went through my scrap basket, and unearthed my prettiest, girliest scraps for the tabs… And last week I did me some sewing.

I whipped up eight new nappies.. all beautiful, girly, pink.. soft and lovely.  And we used our last disposable yesterday, so we’re back on full-time track. Yay!

I’m SO happy with these nappies. I mean, I was/am happy with my last batch too, but I seem to have refined them with this batch. They’re neater, and I made a few subtle changes that just seem to make them fit better. And they’re cute as!

I’d have to say that Mayana’s collection has to be complete now. Twenty-three nappies should be enough that we only will have to wash every second day… maybe even less seeing as how daycare provides nappies for three days a week!

My goal is to not buy any more disposable nappies before toilet training (unless my Nana would prefer to use them when she’s looking after Mayana at prac-time).

So without any further ado… here are our new nappies!!

IMGP1016Pocket Nappy

IMGP1017 Inner made of micro-fleece…

IMGP1018Outer made of PUL 

IMGP1019 Cute size tag! How pro is that.. lol.

IMGP1028 Absorbent prefold. Made from a layer of bamboo, a layer of micro-fibre and a piece of hemp terry.

March 10Eight pretty new nappies!

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  1. Zoey, these looks amazing! May I ask what pattern you made them from? I'm going to be trying my hand at making some pockets myself :)


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