Monday, 29 March 2010

Mayana’s Week

  Mayana has had a lovely week… Another fun few days at daycare – where they are officially beginning the transition to the toddler room with her. I had to sign a form giving permission for it to happen about a month earlier than it ‘should’, as all the carers that have spent time with Mayana agree that she is more than ready! It makes us so proud listening to them all talk about how clever and advanced she is!


She is still loving this box. She crawls through it, over it, stands on it, puts her dollies through it. It’s definitely good value!


Mayana has been pulling this awesome cheeky smile when we ask her to smile for photos. I love it. She’s starting to look so toddler-ish.

Duckies We took Mayana to the Japanese Gardens this week, to see and feed the DUCKIES! It’s the first time that Mayana had seen them in real life, and she was beside herself!


We went out for a picnic with some friends from church, and Mayana got to test-run her froggy chair. It’s sure going to be getting a workout this weekend at Easterfest!

IMGP1783Mayana loves to read in the car…. And she seems to have developed a habit like her Mama… my hubby often finds me asleep like this with a book in my hands when he comes to bed after me. 

climbing into highchair We keep telling people that Mayana is a climber – but even we were surprised when we found her doing this! She’s certainly very creative!


She’s also a very cool dude!

IMGP1795We tripped down to Brisbane this weekend to hit a bridal expo with my sisters and mum. Mayana was such a little trouper. She had a lot of fun, and enjoyed being the star attraction of the bridal expo! I think she got even more attention than the bride in our group! (See Mayana’s little backpack harness? Little Miss Independent is far too cool for the pram unless her legs are *really* sore, and would often rather not hold hands, thank you very much).


There’s that cheeky smile again!

IMGP1824 Snuggles with Kami!

IMGP1806Okay guys, I’ve had enough of this place now!


So we walked over to the city – favouring the bike over the pram… apparently we possibly should have taken the pram.

After some shopping and Starbucks with Kami and the Tantes, we waved goodbye as they set off for the station, and the three of us headed back over to Southbank to take some photos in the gorgeous late afternoon light…

IMGP1886parkphotos  IMGP2005

Man our baby’s photogenic!


  1. That's southbank! Near my turf! :) I love southbank.

  2. Goly Zoey, your girl just keeps getting cuter and cuter!

    I love what you've done with the glasses photos and the link strip- did you do it in photoshop, or picnik, or something else?

  3. She's so cute, Zoey!!! I love the photos.


Thank you!!


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