Sunday, 7 March 2010

Mayana’s Week

Oh and it’s been a big one! Here are some gorgeous snaps of my precious girl for you to feast your eyes on…

IMGP0471Sunday Night |  At a friend’s house. She climbs… a lot.  And you can draw so much better when you stand on a chair than when you sit on one. 

IMGP0477Monday |  Happy girl after her very first day at day-care!

IMGP0520Monday |  Ringing Kami to tell her all about it…

IMGP0578Monday |  One of Mayana’s favourite things to do at the moment is play with this golf ball and egg cup. She puts the golf-ball in, and pulls it out. Over and over again. Apparently it’s great fun!  
 IMGP0592Wednesday |  Mayana has discovered crayons, and a love of drawing…

IMGP0587Wednesday |  Talent, no?

IMGP0598 Wednesday |  Funny camera faces…

IMGP0605 IMGP0631 Wednesday |  Showing Papa how it’s done…

IMGP0658Wednesday |  Playing with camera settings…

 IMGP0677 Thursday |  21st century baby. Helping Papa win computer games..

IMGP0666 Thursday |  Wearing Mama’s shoes. Yes, I’ve bred another shoe-aholic. It’s clearly genetic.

IMGP0670Thursday |   Poser!

 IMGP0690Friday |  On the road…. on the way to the Big Surprise (stay tuned for that blog-post!)

IMGP0693 IMGP0709 IMGP0713Friday |  Dinner with Kami & Opa…

IMGP0792Saturday |  All ready for the Big Surprise…

Hope you enjoyed that! I’m sure there will be more of our gorgeous girl in my Big Surprise post. But you’ll have to wait, because I should dedicate a clear mind to such an important post, and right now I’m totally exhausted after a couple of mixed-up night’s sleep. And I have uni in the morning.

So seriously.. stay tuned!

Hope you had an awesome weekend…


  1. What's the big suprise??? I can't wait to find out....what suspense :)

    Mayana's seriously getting more cute every week. Such a little girl now!

  2. I love that rainbow top! Can't wait to hear the details of the special night either!

  3. Wonderful pix once again, love our cute lil button, and her gorgeous mama xxx


Thank you!!


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