Sunday, 21 March 2010

Mayana’s Week…

It’s been a pretty good one. We’re all feeling pretty settled into our routine now, and the week totally flew by.

Mayana has had an awful cold this week – one of the joys of daycare I suppose. Oh well, it all builds the immune system I guess. Her cough got bad enough that we took her to the doctors, but she told us it was just a ‘garden variety’ cold and she’ll get through it eventually. We’re dosing her up on Olive Leaf Extract and Inner Health Plus (baby versions of course). While we were at the doctor’s we had her weighed, and found that she’s sitting at 7.59kg. I was a little dissapointed, I thought it would be more, but her graph line is still climbing so that’s a good thing. She’s parallel to the 3rd percentile, probably sitting on the first or maybe just under. But the doctor did say that she’s happy as long as it’s climbing, and was suitably impressed with Mayana’s bubbliness and cleverness at pointing out her nose, eyes, ears and belly button. Beautiful clever bean that she is.

Anyway… here’s a few snapshots of her week!

IMGP1322Mayana took great delight in watching her Papa playing ‘Biggest Loser’ on the Wii. She was completely enthralled, and tried to copy his moves. So cute!


Girly-girl? Found Mama’s lip gloss and just *had* to have some. She thought she was so clever and pulled this killer pout for the next ten minutes or so, before discovering that it tasted pretty good and licking it all off.


Yeah baby!!! Her hair is getting thicker by the day… and Mama managed to scrape it into piggy-tails!!!!


Mayana discovered for the first time the joys of playing in a box! What fun…


See… check out that hair!!


Mayana adores colouring in. This week we bought her a pencil case, because the box her crayons came in was getting somewhat tattered. She thinks it’s pretty cool. However, she also thinks it’s cool to eat crayons…

Picture4 On Friday, Mayana’s daycare teacher told us that pretty much the only thing stopping her from moving up into the toddler’s room is that she’s not quite adept at feeding herself with a spoon. So it’s time to perfect that skill. We bought Mayana some of those bowls that suction to the table, to make the learning a little easier. This was her first attempt at 100% independent use of a spoon… with lasagne. I was pretty impressed at how much she got in her mouth, and how little ended up on her tray and the floor…. can’t say as much for her face though!


On Saturday the three of us headed to the park for some family time. Mayana had a ball running around everywhere, playing with the xylophone and eating. She had a little oopsie, but the tears soon subsided when I produced a pretty pink fairy band-aid.


Sunday afternoon in the garden:



  1. what an adorable little treasure. such a gorgeous post, I can feel the love. One word to the wise throw those growth charts out the window!!! If your little girl is happy and growing then where she is plotting on a chart is irrelevant. I'm sure some man created then eons ago to cause us mumma's more stress than necessary.

  2. I swear she gets cuter every time I see her.
    Lots of kisses from Tante Lexi.

  3. Love the 'playing in a box' photos!

  4. Oh Zoey.. she's just such a gorgeous bub! You guys did a good job! Ronnie :)

  5. Oh my GOSH, how cute is cute!!! I love the look on her face watching Papa, I adore the checked top and piggy tails!!! Too cute!! I love the box play!! I love her lil face with the crayons!! Absolutely adore the feeding herself, such a clever girl and och och that pink polka dot hat and outfit AND bandaid!!! dorjuice!! AND lil kisses from Mama. Oh such a clever miss helping her Papa in the garden. What's NOT to love!! xxxxx


Thank you!!


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