Tuesday, 23 March 2010

My Place and Yours

This week’s theme at Hello Owl’s blog meme is “The Top Draw”.

We don’t have that many drawers in our house… and the top drawer in my bedroom has my undies in it and you ain’t seeing that! The kitchen drawer is pretty boring – pretty much everyone’s top kitchen drawer looks the same aside from the cutlery design.

So anyway, here are two of the few top drawers in our home.

IMGP1583The top, and only, drawer of our telephone table. Also known as the junk draw. In fact, I was so horrified by its state when I went to take this photo, that I decided to have an impromptu drawer cleanout. I for one was incredibly surprised at the amount of junk that I threw out from this drawer. Who would have thought it held so much!?

So, what’s left in it? Hooks, and assortment, stored in a ziplock bag. Tapes for our dymo labeller. A few stationery items. Pete’s superglue stuff. Earplugs – we have quite a collection. My old glasses, and a glasses case full of glasses cleaners. And all our script repeats. 

IMGP1580And this is the top drawer of my beading cabinet. It holds: a stack of blue beading mats; small ziplock bags for when I sell stuff;  solder wire + my solder iron; a pencil tin full of jewellery pliers; some unsold jewellery; a stamp; some stray beads; crochet hooks, knitting needles and pens; and other various jewellery-making paraphernalia. 

Now go and play along!!

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  1. Seems like we all have drawers that accumulate the bits and pieces that don't really have anywhere else to go.Your beading cabinet drawer looks very organised. There are some pretty bits in there.


Thank you!!


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