Tuesday, 6 April 2010

My Happy Birthday

I am now twenty-three!

IMGP2791Me on the morning I turned 23. So attractive I know. That’s what happens after a whole weekend of very limited sleep and far too much excitement!

We had the hugest weekend ever (massive Easterfest post to come), and I was a very lucky girl to have my whole family here at my house on my actual birthday.

It was a pretty cruisy day, we were all soooooooo tired! We slept in (as much as you can with a 14 months old baby who gets extremely over-excited when you have visitors), then waited for everyone to make their way up from my cousin’s house where some of them were staying (our house is teeny-tiny and my family is not), then had a delicious breakfast.

Oh, and I opened my presents.

IMGP2845 Gorgeous stationery from my mum & dad. Two beautiful notebooks and a set of notecards. I LOVE stationery.IMGP2840My new handbag, from my siblings. Isn’t it scrummy!!!??

I got pretty dang spoiled.

IMGP2854 Sewing box from Peter & Mayana. This was on my wish-list – because the chocolate box I had been using just wasn’t cutting it anymore!

IMGP2853 Another wish-list item – from my mum & dad.

After a clean-up and the crazy 14-month-old had a morning nap, we met up with my cousins at a cafe for coffee before my family all headed home. Sad!

Miss Mayana cried very much when her favourite people left. Especially as Kami and Tante Lexi drove away. I think we all had a tear just from witnessing her devastation. She wept the whole way home, little darlin’.

The rest of the day I lazed around, watching my McLeod’s Daughters, trying out my new crochet patterns, and trying to shake my massive tired headache.

IMGP2851 McLeod’s Daughters: The final season – and the only one missing from my collection. Also from my siblings.

Crochet pattern magazine from my hubby & daughter. It has some awesome patterns!

I had Hungry Jacks for Dinner, and a scrumptious bubble bath when we got home.

I didn’t have a birthday cake, but my lovely husband bought me one for tonight – so that it really felt like a birthday. He’s so wonderful!

So, happy birthday to me!


  1. What a great birthday. Can't wait to hear all about Easterfest

  2. Ooh! I have the diary that matches your note cards!! It's such a cute pattern, hey!?

    Sounds like you have a wonderful birthday Zoey!

    Happy Birthday again. :-)


  3. Looks like it was a super special birthday! Love the handbag, very pretty!!!

  4. Happy birthday Zoey! So glad you got to spend it in such a great way, with lots of special people.

  5. Happy Birthday sounds like you had a lovely day :)

  6. Far out didn't your siblings spoil you! x


Thank you!!


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