Thursday, 4 June 2009


I’m starting to wonder if it was a very silly idea to jump into full time uni with a little baby…

It’s been pretty good up until now, when all my assignments are starting to stack up.

Okay, so I haven’t got *that* much left to do really, and I don’t think they’re even that hard as far as assignments go, but they still take time, and somehow that’s something I’m lacking at the moment.

I’m doing uni while Mayana’s sleeping at the moment, and some days are better than others on that front. Today I got my final quiz done for my literacy course (10/10, in case you were wondering), while she had her afternoon nap. It was nice to tick something off the list. This is what I have left:

  • DRAMA: Learning portfolio/journal. I’m doing mine as a blog, which is here if you’re feeling like a sticky-beak. This is worth 70% of my grade for this course. I’m probably over half way through this one. Due June 15.
  • LITERACY: Essay, something to do with comparing language between school and the home, specifically, comparing a conversation between child and mother to one between child and student. 1500 words, worth 20% of my grade. Due June 12
  • NUMERACY: Something to do with a unit plan.. I haven’t looked at it too closely. Pete has done this assignment before, so I will have something to look at for inspiration (no plagiarism, promise!). Worth 50% of my grade. Due June 12.

It’s doable, if only I weren’t so distracted all the time by my gorgeous daughter! And if I could work in the times when she’s awake too! Looks like I’ll be pulling a few late nights this next week…

I’ve decided that next semester, I’ll only be doing one course- the one that I need to do to finish of my special needs major. It’s a course totally about ASD (autistic spectrum disorder) and I’ve been really looking forward to doing it- I’m so interested in that area. So apart from that I’m going to be a full-time Mama. I’m looking forward to doing playgroup, swimming lessons, and all those fun things.

Next year, I’ll be a full time fourth year student. Hopefully by then Mayana will be able to cope with a little more independent play. The uni has a service over at the gym, which students can use, where you pay $6 for your child to stay in the gym creche for 3 hours or something, so I’ll be utilizing that while Pete and I are in classes.. or that’s the plan at the point, maybe I’ll look into family day care or something?? Ah who even knows.

Then I’ll be finished.. a teacher! I’ve been considering going into relief teaching once I’m finished. Pete will look for full time work, and I’ll put my name down for 3 days a week – which I’ll put Mayana into daycare for, and have 2 days a week with her. Then who knows.. maybe a number two Friend baby will be on the cards… I know, things change, but it’s nice to have some direction to aim for…

In the meantime, I’m learning to juggle between motherhood and the rest of my life.


  1. im a fourth year student next year too.

    dont know how you do it with your bubba. but glad your managing :)

    what course are you studying?

    im doing bach of education [early childhood education] - so birth to eight years im going to be qualified.. iv done a literacy and numeracy one similar to yours but

    goodluck :)

  2. Carly I'm doing a primary/middle degree.. so can teach yrs 1-10. I would have graduated this year, but being a mummy instead is fine with me!


Thank you!!


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