Monday, 8 June 2009

post-weekend rambles

We had a lovely weekend. My mum, dad and sister came to stay!
On Saturday we went and chose Alexie's formal dress! I cannot believe my baby sister is graduating this year! (wow that's a lot of exclamation marks).

I have a good knack of helping find people perfect formal dresses. I'm good at choosing colours and styles, and seem to attract bargains. I only wish my fashion sense extended to my own wardrobe =(

Alexie's dress is GORGEOUS and I can't wait to make the jewellery to go with it! I'm having imagining already...

We also went out for lunch, and to a winery where we tasted wine, coffee and cheesecake, while taking in a seriously impressive view.

Sunday was church, followed by coffee with a friend at the yummy Zaraffas - (which is, by the way, coming in at a close second to my favourite of all time coffee shop, Starbucks. Mainly because there is no Starbucks here...)

My sister and dad left on Sunday (after church, before coffee), but we got Mum for a whole extra day! We had a lazy morning, Hungry Jacks for lunch, a quick visit to one of our favourite stores.. and then we had to say goodbye *tear*.

I have been slowly catching up on washing.. it's a never-ending cycle and I'm hoping that one day there will be a light at the end of the tunnel.. or plastic at the bottom of the laundry basket. The problem is getting it to dry when it's cold like this - and being able to figure out if things are actually damp or just cold. Mayana is only 4.5 months old and has more clothes than I do.

You know you've got it bad when you stat to use housework as a procrastination tool! I haven't done a whole lot on thos assignments... the're not going anywhere.. unfortunately. I have never felt quite this unmotivated. I'm waiting for that "I know I work best under pressure" moment to arrive. I'm scared that it won't!

Toowoomba has turned really cold. The electric blanket is hitting the bed tonight. It is meant to get down to zero degrees (degree??) one night this week!

We had Kanagroo kebabs for dinner tonight. So good. If you haven't tasted it, don't knock it! It is the yummiest meat, so tender and lean.. and VERY good for you. You should read this website.

Mayana has her ultrasound tomorrow. And her weigh-in. I'm not worried about either. She's definitely feeling bigger to us.. she seems so much longer, and little fingers seem a little less petite - though by no means chubby. She has a little bit of a cold this week, and a rash around her mouth from all her dribbles. I think those toothy pegs are moving again.

Argh I can't wait till these assignments are done. Pete finishes prac on Friday, but has to do a make-up day on Monday because of the Queen's Birthday (thanks Queen). On Tuesday, we head to Noosa. On Wednesday, my Oma arrives. On Saturday, we go to watch my sister and brother star in their school's musical, The Wiz (Alexie is Dorothy, Jordan is Tin Man).
The next week we're heading to Mundubbera to visit my nanna and Pop for the week.. then back home where Pete will have some work with holiday care again. Then we are off to the Bunya Mountains!!

.... I guess I need to keep my eye on the prize!

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  1. WoW that's a busy schedule, hope there's some time for NanAnn and PopEv in there! Good luck with those assignments. Enjoy your prac Pete. xxXXxx


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