Monday, 1 June 2009

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

blogthis challenge two | If I could invent anything...

I have thought about this long and hard... considered clothes that wash, dry, iron and fold themselves, a self cleaning house... but I wouldn't want to encourage *too* much laziness.

So, I have decided on two inventions. I don't know if this is allowed, but to be fair, at the moment I feel like two peope: Mama Zoey and Student Zoey. I'm learning how to merge these into one, and have some balance in my life, but at the moment I'm Mama Zoey whenever Mayana is awake, and Student Zoey when she is asleep.

My first invention is for Mama Zoey. And I'm pretty sure that any Mama would be quite happy to have this one. I want a wand - maybe like a barcode reader or something - that I can wave infront of Mayana's face and it will tell me what exactly I can do to help her. You know those moments, when the baby is fed, has a clean nappy, is warm, burped, but still crying? Well this will tell you why! As an added function, it will also tell you exactly how much milk your baby has taken during a breastfeed, so that you can know for sure that she has definitely had enough.

My second invention is for Student Mama, but also a tool to help with the merging of the two. It is a computer program that records my thoughts. I tend to be the kind of person who thinks ALL the time - my brain never shuts up (which can sometimes be very annoying) and a lot of the time I have my assignments half written in my brain before I get to write them down. The problem arises that when I do get a chance to sit down and write them down- they're GONE! It is the most frustrating thing ever! If I have this program, I can switch it on when my brain turns to assignment-ing, and it will record all of my thoughts. When I'm ready to do my assignment, I'll put it into the USB port of my computer and it will upload the whole lot, with the correct spelling and grammar, in a well-organised format. Then it will just be a matter of inserting the referencing and honing the final product.


Back to real life I guess...


  1. I hear you sister!!!! Love Mama.xoxo

  2. Zoey...I am just putting in my order for when you get these inventions up and running.
    I so hear you!
    Lisa xx

  3. Love the look of your new blog ... when you get those inventions up and running send them in my direction too!

  4. I so need a thought-recorder! I'm the same, they are flying around in the brain when you shoudln't be thinking about them, but then whe you need them they're gone! Great idea!

  5. Love the program idea Zoey. Except, why not go the whole way and have the referencing done for you as well- just type in the details and it comes up all correct, in alphabetical order? Jess x

  6. Hey Jess... did you know that Microsoft Word 2007 actually does that for you!!?? The uni computers have it loaded.. you just go into referencing, choose your style (apa), put in the details and it does the list for you :)

  7. The baby wand is a great idea and something all parents would love for sure!


Thank you!!


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