Wednesday, 17 June 2009

five months of you

To my beautiful little Mayana-Berry.

Tomorrow, you will be five months old. I don't know where the time has gone, yet I feel as though you have been in my life forever. You have somehow become my whole world, and I finally understand why other mothers seem to only ever talk about their kids!

It seems like only yesterday you were still in my tummy, and your Papa had his head on you listening to you move. You used to stretch your feet up under my ribs, and even though it hurt, it made me smile to think of you stretching out in there, making yourself comfortable. Papa and I used to lay in bed talking about you, trying to imagine what you would look like, full of anticipation of *finally* being able to hold you in our arms.

And then, there you were! This tiny little being that we made, you captured our hearts in a moment. You were so little, red and wrinkly and your skin was peeling... the midwives said you looked 'overcooked'. But you were the most beautiful thing we had ever seen. Your gorgeous blue eyes - as blue now as they were then - looked up at us, and you knew us straight away - and we knew you.

We bought you home, and your grandparents, uncles, aunties, friends came to visit you - everyone was completely besotted the moment they laid eyes on you.

It was so hot when we bought you home, and you didn't much like being held all the time, so we used to lay you in your bassinette on the floor and all peer in and watch you sleep. You were such a good little baby - you fed beautifully, and your sleeping was never too bad. On those first few nights, when the three of us were just so tired, and you were overwhelmed by the big wide world, Kami would come in and tell us to sleep, that she would rock you to sleep. She would sit in your room in the rocking chair and cuddle you, and before we knew it, off you'd nod. What would we have done without her?

We watched you learn to smile, and you reduced us to puddles of love every time. Your first big interactive grins were at your Opa, but you soon rewarded everyone with those lovely gummy smiles that we have all come to adore.

We've been through some tough times, with silly doctors giving us all a hard time because you decided to start growing slowly. One day they'll all figure out that you're just going to be a petite little girl. All the other mummies tell me to be grateful that I'll have a little bubby for longer! You trick people though, because you look like such a tiny baby but you're doing all these advanced things that a five-month-old baby should be doing!

You are very bright-eyed and alert, and you have been since you were only a few weeks old. You always have to know what's going on, and if you hear a new voice you have to figure out who it is. When you see someone new, you stare at them for a few minutes with a very serious look on your face. Once you've sussed them out, you usually reward them with one of your gorgeous smiles, and once you've done that, they're wrapped around your little finger for good. We love to snuggle you into our chests, but you never stand that for very long (unless you're sleepy) - you insist on being turned around so you can take in the world.

You love your Papa very much, and I absolutely adore watching the two of you together. He loves to read you stories, give you cuddles, push you in the swing, and tell you all about the world. You just love being with him. When he was on prac, you got very sad if we didn't wake you up before he left, and you'd be looking for him all day. When he came home at the end of the day, you wouldn't take your eyes off him! You would grin so hard - it was like your whole body was grinning!

You have been giggling for a litte while now, but lately you have been really chuckling - especially if we tickle your ribs. You love it when we do raspberries on your tummy, and you grab our hair, or Papa's necklace, and pull our faces back down for another one. You've also lately become very chatty, and we love it when you wake us up in the morning by chatting to yourself in your cot. We walk into your room and you manage to drag your eyes away from your beloved mobile, and you give us the cheekiest little grins with you tongue poking out. It's my favourite way to start the day.

You love your food. We had to start you on solids earlier than we planned to because of your weight issues, but you seemed to be quite happy about that. As soon as you see your bowl or spoon, or hear the microwave go, your arms and legs start flapping and you get very excited. If it's not ready in what you deem to be an acceptable amount of time.. look out! You have loved everything you have tasted so far - although apple doesn't seem to agree with you.

Your favourite time of the day would have to be bathtime. You always get a little bit over it all by the end of the day, but a bath sure fixes that! You usually have baths with Papa, and you sing, and splash, chat and play with your foam sea-creatures. You love it most when the bath is nice and deep, so you can kick and splash.

I just can't believe how quickly the last five months have gone. They have been the most wonderful, exciting, terrifying, beautiful, happy and love-filled months of my life. Every day is a new adventure with you and I so enjoy watching you discover new things about the world, while I discover new things about you.

You bring so much joy to my life, and indeed everyone's life who you are a part of. I'm so blessed and proud that God chose me to be your Mama. You make life so beautiful.

I love you my gorgeous daughter.



  1. Awww, that was so beautiful it almost made me cry! We are very lucky ladies for having our respective babies!

  2. Zoey! What have you done to me! I am reading this at work and think am nearly in tears! This is probably one of the most beautiful things I've ever read!

    I want to have a baby now! (Luke is not impressed- he thinks we can wait a few more years. I sometimes agree, sometimes not!)

    You & Pete and so lucky to have Mayana, and she is SO lucky to you have you two!

    Much love,


  3. If one day when you become a teacher and you want something new to do, start writing! Motherhood is a beautiful thing and you have captured it with your whole heart. I have been feeling this way for 22 beautiful years and I wouldn't have it any other way. Love you forever. Mama.

  4. That was so beautiful Zoey! And happy 5 month bday Mayana! I always think of her on the 18th...
    It is very cool that her and Sunny are exactly 2 months apart.

  5. You have just said everything that i could never put into words. You are so talented, and i admire you as a mother, wife and woman. Thank you for sharing your innermost of your blog- you are making a difference in the world!


Thank you!!


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