Tuesday, 9 June 2009

‘cos it makes me happy

blogthis challenge three | It’s the little things…

bloggin 00007

| waking up next to my favourite person |

June 09 00102

| a gorgeous smiley girl in a cutie-pie new hat |

bloggin 00000 | a cup of wake-up cappuccino |

bloggin 00001

| cheer-me-up icecream straight out of the carton |

bloggin 00002

| electric blanket warming up my snuggly bed |

bloggin 00005 | a favourite smell to wear |

bloggin 00006

| an easy dinner |

bloggin 00008 | something to make music with |

bloggin 00009| revisiting my childhood |

bloggin 00010

| plastic at the end of my laundry basket!!! |


  1. I love my slow-cooker too! There's nothing better than coming home and smelling dinner when I walk into the kitchen on a cold winter's day!

  2. Hey there. I just joined Blog This this week and am having a look through the week 3 challenges.

    I love to see the bottom of my laundry basket too but unfortunately it doesn't happen very often!!

    Christine xo

  3. love my electric blanket too! so much that last night i didnt realise it was still on 1 [warming the bed] until early this morning when i was getting too warm hehe.

  4. Great coffee shot. Did you make it? Makes me want one now! Love your other photos too :)

  5. oh I love ice magic, yummo!!

  6. Another person who eats ice-cream right from the tub when it is icey cold outside!

  7. BABY SITTERS CLUB.. omg i had the WHOLE series lol


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