Sunday, 6 June 2010

Health Update

Listeners who are listening may be wondering how my little bean is going.

The answer is: she’s going really well.

We never did catch that wee, but we did take her back to our own doctor on Thursday. The conclusion of the visit was that it’s unlikely to be a UTI. But there are a couple of other things that need looking at.  And thus we embarked on Operation Poo-Catch.

It took a few days – turns out even though Mayana produces a number two after breakfast every day without fail, things shut down when she sits on a potty. So yeah, obviously not ready for toilet-training just yet. On Saturday, she sat on the potty in front of cartoons for nearly an hour – even had her breakfast on there – and nothing. Within 30 seconds of being back in her nappy, she produced. Let me just say the whole experience has given me a new respect for my sister-in-law, who is the type of medical scientist who examines such samples.

I guess we’ll find out all the answers sometime this week.

In the meantime, my doctor suggested to take her off lactose for a while, and surprisingly it seems to have worked. No runny poos or yucky nappies or vomity nights since the day she started on lactose-free milk and yoghurt. The only issue is the cheese. See my little Berry is somewhat of a cheese monster. And I’m pretty sure they don’t make lactose free cheese.

Good news is, if its the thing my doctor thinks it is, she’ll only have to stay lactose free for around a month or so.

So it’s all looking pretty good at the moment – now we just have to catch a wee, and clear up this cough and runny nose!


  1. have you thought about giving Mayana Goats cheese, i know its not the same as real cheese but Ive actually been on a dairy free diet for almost all of my life and was worried the boys would not be able to have it either but they are fine

    im hoping for you that its only a month (it can be so annoying trying to find an alternative to everything)

  2. oh the other thing i forgot is it just the lactose that the DR wants to keep Mayana off
    (not always the best but if you run out of her milk and cant get to the shop) boil the regular cows milk let it cool and reboil it (double boiling) breaks the lactose and is fine in short term

    im actually allergic and am able to drink 1-2 cups of milk this way hope it helps

  3. you can get lactose free cheese apparently at some health food stores.. i think it's soy cheese...

  4. Thanks for the tips!

    Goats cheese might be a good idea Bev, she loves feta and they have a similar tang don't they?

    I'll have to scout around the health food shops...


Thank you!!


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