Thursday, 4 June 2009

a Mayana update

So I’m sure everyone remembers this. The last 1.5-2ish months have been full of weight issues for Mayana. We went through the tests, I defended my milk supply, started my baby on solids… worried, doubted, questioned myself.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, Mayana had her 4 month needles ( I know, where has that gone!!?) and we saw a different doctor to usual. She realised that the hospital had only sent them copies of Mayana’s blood tests, not her urine. So she ordered copies of the urine test to have a look at. Next day we get a phone call from her, saying that there were some white blood cells in her test from the hospital, which may indicate a UTI, and she would like to have the tests redone.

Okay, so off we go – about 4 tries later (someone kept pooing whilst wearing the collection bag) we finally got an uncontaminated test. Sure enough, it showed up a UTI. So this entire time, Mayana has had a urinary infection. She has had no other symptoms aside from slow weight gain. She hasn’t been in pain, no fever.. has been happy, healthy and strong.

It’s now a matter of putting her through a course of antibiotics, and because she has possibly had a UTI for so long, she has to have a renal tract ultrasound – to check for kidney reflux, and in case there has been any ill-effect on her kidneys. Chances are nothing will show, especially since she hasn’t been sick with it, but I guess they just want to cover themselves, even moreso because they missed it the first time round.

I’m glad that it’s all getting sorted out, but kind of annoyed that it’s happened like this, that it was missed. I am really happy that I did not switch her over to formula like some doctors suggested.. I *knew* there was nothing wrong with my milk.

So hopefully, once the antibiotics (which she loves by the way… banana flavoured) are over, she’ll start gaining more quickly, and everyone will leave me alone! I still don’t think she’ll ever be a big baby though.

I’m really looking forward to putting this all behind us.


  1. So happy the problem has finally been realised and is now being dealt with. You did (and are doing!) such a great job, you are completely amazing doing both studying and being a mum. As u can see I'm catching up on your blogs, been a little slack this week following along!! Jess xx

  2. I enjoy all your updates Zoey. I feel I know Mayana even though we haven't meet. She is a very cute. I love the big blue eyes. When are you planning to be in Perth? Hopefully we can catch-up. You are most welcome to come to Geraldton if time allows. Love Tante Kerry XXOO

  3. Hi Zoey,
    I bet you never thought that a UTI would be good news huh? It's great that you finally have some answers, and confirmation that YOU were doing all the right things. Mayana is looking ridiculously cute by the way-who would've guessed she's sick? Take care!


Thank you!!


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