Saturday, 6 June 2009

Renovator's Delight

I heard this little snippet on our local Christian radio the other day, and it has stuck with me - I found it very hopeful...

... the renovator's delight. You have this old house, that has been lived in, seen many families, been used, become run down... needs a bit of TLC. To some, it may look like just an old house, that probably just needs knocking down. But to someone, that house is a renovator's delight. Someone looks at that house, and sees its potential - sees that with the right kind of care and work, this house can be something amazing, that can be lived in again, that basically has a new life ahead of it.

It's the same with me. I may have gone through some really crappy times, been run down, sinned, done the wrong things and be feeling really awful, undeserving and broken. Other people might look at me and think: "lost cause!" But God, He looks at me and sees potential. Sees something amazing that He can mold into something awesome- something He can breathe new life into. I am God's renovator delight. And all it takes is for me to turn to Him, and tell Him I need some help, and He's there in a heartbeat, ready to make improvements, make my life something beautiful again.

I love it!!!

(photo from flickr)

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