Thursday, 25 November 2010

Thinking Random Thoughts

* I put a job application in for a job that would be perfect. I really want to make the shortlist. Actually, I really just want the job.

* Why don't people RSVP anymore?? Seriously. It makes organising parties really painful. And when you do RSVP, it should really be to the person who is specified on the invitation. Just saying.

* My daughter is addicted to the dummy. I need a creative way to get rid of the dang thing. She evidently finds it impossible to sleep without it. Today I forgot to bring one with us, and after her crying and sobbing 'dum dum' for an hour I ended up having to go and buy one. As soon as it was in her mouth, she crashed and slept for nearly 2.5 hours. Ratbag.

* Toilet training would be nice, too. Just saying.

* For the first time in like, our whole 5 years of marriage we're going to have money this week. I mean real money. Not I'm-a-uni-bum-and-$20-left-after-the-bills-are paid-Is-awesome money. And it's even better, because apart from our final electricity bill and petrol, we have no financial commitments at the moment. I'm thinking that my hubby should take me on an awesome date- maybe even a weekend away?? Anyone care to drop a few hints for me??

* That's all I've got for you at this time of night, and considering I've typed all this on my phone, I think I've done pretty well. Stay tuned, coming soon I'll have pics of Mayana's first haircut, and some awesome new handmade goodies I've been working on.

Night all!!


  1. Hey Zoey!
    We just weaned Sunny off her dummy this week, beginning Sunday. I'm pretty sure it's gone for good!
    I tried sabotage-someone suggested snipping a hole off the end to stop the suction-but it just made her really mad! In the end we just went cold turkey and put up with the rubbish daytime sleep and lots of crying, but everyday got better and now...we have victory!
    I recommend doing it in a week where you don't have too many commitments...and when she's not sick, like poor Sunny turned out to be this week. Bad mummy!

    Good luck and stay strong!

  2. Re:potty training - When Mayana is ready it will happen super quick. Rach wasn't ready when we started @ 2 years and 4 months and it took a good 2 months to train her. Belle on the other hand at just 2 years trained in 2 days because she was ready. She showed all the signs beforehand too - like telling us when she had done something, taking interest when the rest of us where on the toilet and being dry for day time naps.

    As for the dummy, my gils where weaned off @ 7 months, so they weren't quite so stubborn as an almost 2 year old, but the only way we weaned them with any success was to go cold turkey. You have to be strong and you will have a painful week but it will soon be forgotten. Good luck!!

    Oh and I totally agree with the RSVP thing!! :)

  3. thanks for the tips girls! I really appreciate it. I love having mummy cousins!!

    I think as much as I don't want to I'm going to have to give her a few more weeks with the dummy. She's still not settled properly after the big move and I think that's why she's reverted to being so dependent on the thing. It definitely has to happen soon though!!!

    With toilet training, she's showing some of the signs but not all. She's doing a few wees on the toilet each day so I guess thats a start. Maybe I should wait till Oma is here and enlist her help... she trained Alexie at 15 months in the 2 days Mum was in hospital having Jordan!!! What a legend! Lots of practise I guess..

  4. Hey Zoey. Are you guys 'doing' Santa with Mayanna? Could you maybe say that you are going to give all her dummies to Santa and he'll give her a present? Friends of mine did this, except it was the dummy fairy and it seemed to work well.

    Can't wait to see Mayanna's first hair cut. I'm very tempted to get my boys done at 4 months as his is crazy!! Long in some places, with a nice bald spot at the back!

    PS: I meant to say ages and ages and ages ago, thanks so much for the cute doll that I won. Am giving it to a special little girl as part of her Christmas pressie :)


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