Monday, 15 June 2009

Mayana weight news

So after a fun afternoon trying to catch a Mayana wee in a little sterile jar (less likely to get contamination that way), and a very unhappy ultrasound (Mayana didn't think much of being held still for so long), we were off today to get the results.

And the verdict is: Ultrasound was clear, her kidneys are apparently a little small, but my doctor is happy to put that down to the fact that Mayana's small (makes sense to me!). No signs of infections or issues in bladder, kidneys or renal tract.

Urinary tract infection appears to be gone also! There was an elevation of a particular type of something-or-other, but after consulting with a paediatrician it has been decided that's nothing to worry about. We have to have a follow-up appointment with a paed in 6-8 weeks, just to double check everything.

Mayana has gained nearly 100g since her last weigh-in, only a week ago. I'm super impressed with this, because the last few weigh ins have only shown between 60-80g per FORTNIGHT! It's made her growth chart graph look a lot healthier.

After many tears and much deliberation I have also decided to introduce a few formula feeds to Mayana's diet. This was such a hard decision for me to come to (mama-guilt bites!), but now that I'm actually doing it, it's not as bad as I thought it would be. At this point we're doing 2 bottles per day. I'm interested to see what affect this has on Mayana's gains. Mayana has been very fussy with her breastfeeds lately, to the point where I was wondering if she was thinking about self-weaning... apparently it is normal for them to start to fuss at this age, but unfortuntely Mayana cannot afford to be silly with her feeds- she needs as much milk as possible. So I've replaced her two most fussy feeds with the formula - and am just praying that she doesn't want it for *every* feed! So far so good, and she has been much better at her breastfeeds in-between too, so that makes me happy :-)

Anyway, I hear little squawks over the monitor, so my little cherub has awoken. Time for cuddles!


  1. What a lot of great and happy news. Kami is so pleased. Don't you worry about the bottle feeding. You were bottle fed and you know that you and I are very close. I love you and you are a fantastic little Mama. Love the Big Mama.

  2. formula feeding gets easier trust me i was so against it and tried so hard to breastfeed both boys but my milk just was not rich enough for them and in the end hubby told me that we had to formula feed or i would of been committed i didnt ever get any sleep i still hate formula but my boys are now doing so much better
    you really are doing a fantastic job with Mayana
    thanks for updating this so often i love coming and reading the new things you 3 have been up to it really brightens up my day
    thank you


Thank you!!


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