Tuesday, 9 June 2009


Not quite 4kg =(
Mayana weighed in at 3.965kg. So close!! I was thinking it would be more, and Jill said it probably would have been if it weren't for the two incredibly massive poos she did today.

So it really wasn't much more weight gain in this fortnight than there has been in the previous few. We have to do another urine test in the next few days to make sure the UTI is gone. The ultrasound was today, the sonographer said that there is nothing obvious, but the doctor has to analyse the photos before she could say for sure. Should find out tomorrow about that.

Who knows, maybe the UTI was nothing to do with weight... but I"m starting to really want her to grow. I'm so so over this!

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  1. Oh she is such a teeny thing isn't she (I'm sorry to say that, I know you probably don't want to hear it.... again!) but she looks healthy and happy and as long as the Drs have their eye on her and she's doing OK... well then I guess that's just the way things are supposed to be right now. I bet in a year you'll look back at this and say "oh wow, I can't believe I was worried!". Hope the little sweetheart has no UTIs or anything like that :-)


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