Saturday, 27 June 2009

Weight / Mayana Update

We had a bit of excitement earlier this week when we took Mayana to a health nurse in Noosa for weigh-in. We all felt like clapping and cheering when the scales showed that Mayana has put on a massive 300g in ONE WEEK!!!! She’s now just over 4.3kg. Those two bottles of formula a day were obviously that extra boost she needed.

After having 2 months of Mayana gaining an average of 60-80g a fortnight, I’m just so relieved to see that number. We’ll have her back up on the graph before we know it!

Mayana is doing so well. She was never an unhappy baby, but these last few weeks she has been so content and even happier than usual. It’s been really lovely. Her day sleeps are even improving (read: she’s actually having some, lol). She has been having three sleeps a day this past week – without me fighting her for them! She hasn’t done that since she was about three weeks old, and I’m loving it! I’m feeling so much more relaxed now too, as she’s not mucking around or fussing as much with her breastfeeds as she was – so I’m enjoying them much more. Pete (and the rest of the family) likes being able to give her bottles too.

She is still loving her vegetables, and now is regularly eating pumpkin, sweet potato, zucchini, carrot, broccoli, prune and pear. She has a combination of four cubes (I puree and freeze in ice-cube trays) for ‘lunch’, sometimes followed by a couple fruit cubes if she wants more; and 2-3 cubes of pear with milk and farex for ‘dinner’. She does like to eat apple, but it doesn’t really agree with her. Yesterday she tried some pawpaw, but didn’t think much of it. I also have stocks of banana and cauliflower ready to go. She also had a chew on her first rusk stick yesterday and absolutely LOVED it. It kept her occupied for well over an hour, and she gnawed through about half of it which I thought was a pretty good effort!

June 09 00254Now I know why Opa calls it poo-poo instead of paw-paw!”

I’m really looking forward to having her weighed again next week… who knows, she might be close to 5kg already!!?

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