Sunday, 15 May 2011


Hello lovely readers.

I have a million blog posts to catch up on – I have lists on my phone and ideas in my head. And far too little time. But in drips and drabs, I will get through them all.

You may have noticed a little change on my blog… (well, unless you’re reading this in a reader, in which case you probably haven’t). I have made a change to my name!

I started thinking about it when I went to the Blog Meet, and realised that I felt dorky saying, “I’m Zoey from Ramblings of a Wife and Mama” – partly because it took forever to say, and because I don’t want to be thought of as a rambly blogger, and also because I know that there are quite a number of blogs hanging around out there that contain the words ‘ramblings’, ‘Mama’ and ‘wife’ in the title.

Plus, I’m not *just* a wife and mama, and I try to blog about so much more. So I wanted a new name that was more me.

So, welcome to “Live. Love. Create. Imagine…”

The place where I blog about the life I live, the things and people and Lord that I love, the things I create and dream and imagine about…
Apart from the name, not much else has changed!

So if you have my blog as a link on your blog, would you pretty please be kindly enough to change my name?

Thank you darlings!



  1. Love it. The new header looks great too :)

  2. I love your new name and theme. Very cute, very you!


Thank you!!


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