Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Mayana, my love

My girl is such a delight to me.


I miss her so much now that I’m working full time. Our afternoons are so cherished, and our weekends are adventures. I’m so glad that at least Peter gets to be with her through the day, and it isn’t a stranger accumulating all the special memories of this special time.

She is talking so much now, and has no problems communication what she wants or how she feels. She’s got a very cheeky sense of humour, and a well developed stubborn streak (must be the Dutch in her!)


She loves to sing lately, and her nursery rhymes are of the Readers Digest variety. For example,

“Raining pouring,
old man donk head morning”


“All cows sleeping
Sun gone to bed
Up jump scarecrow and said
I’m a
Dingle dangle flippy floppy hat
Shake hands shake feet like that”

She loves to sing “twinkle twinkle little star” (and gets most of the words right for that one, “Yes Jesus loves me” (excpet she sings it ‘Yes Jesus loves YOU"’) and “Oh happy day washed sins away” (the Tim Hughs version, not the Sister Act one).

She joins in any song that’s playing, even if she just picks up a word or two and repeats it over and over.


Mayana is constantly ‘cooking’ in her play kitchen, and gets into our kitchen whenever she can manage it. She loves to sit on the bench and ‘help’ when we cook dinner. The other day we heard her get out of bed when we were trying to sleep in. I found her in the kitchen wearing rubber gloves, reaching up to the sink trying to wash up.

She constantly asks us, “What’s that noise?”, or “Who’s that?”. She usually knows the answer, she just likes to be told.

If Mayana sees a phone, she asks to look at photos. She can do things on my phone that I didn’t even know my phone did. Peter always puts his phone on flight mode when she plays with it now, because she is quite adept at making phone calls these days.


When we dress her in the morning, she always asks, “Mayana look beautiful?”
Of course, she always does. And she knows it! The other day when her Opa called her a Goober-Dag, she very indignantly replied, “No! I a beautiful girl!”

She’s quite happy to give compliments too, and most mornings when I dress for work she looks at me and says, “Oh Mama, you beautiful.”

How I love her!


She’s sure an amazing kid!

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  1. When we were at your graduation on Saturday, Maysie and I were walking along holding hands. She looks up at me and said, "Kami, you bewful". Made me feel very loved and bewful indeed!!!


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