Monday, 11 April 2011

a weekend in the big smoke

I love weekends. Especially since I’ve started work. Two delicious days with my two favourite people. This weekend was even better, as it marked the first weekend of my very first real-life holidays… I have officially survived my first term as a teacher! Two and a half weeks of wonderful days to fill with love and fun and memories. And we sure started it with a bang!

We headed to Noosa on Friday after school. Mayana was beside herself at seeing her Kami and Opa. On Saturday, the real adventure began as we made our way to Brisbane. We had a kitchen tea to go to for one of our very lovely friends who is getting married in a month!

After the kitchen tea, we left Mayana to drive back to Noosa with my mum and sisters, and took off for our weekend together. It was quite an adventure. On the Pacific Motorway on the way into the city, we heard an awful noise. At first, I thought there was a heap of motorbike riders about to overtake us, but they didn’t eventuate and it didn’t take us long to realise that the the noise was coming from us!! Praise be to God, we were passing past an emergency stopping bay, which we quickly pulled into. Pete discovered that the tyre had blown! There we were, on the side of the motorway with cars whizzing by at 100+km/hr. Of course the blown tyre was on the driver’s side, so Pete was far too close to those cars for my liking! Luckily, he’s a handy kind of guy and had the tyre changed incredibly quickly – while I stood safely on the other side of the car praying for his safety.

Of course, this meant that we were running terribly late for checking in to our hotel, and to the Blog Meet that I was so looking forward to!

However, we arrived at our hotel eventually and it all turned out to be for the best. When I was checking in, the girl asked me how my evening was and I told her about our highway adventure. She took pity on me and upgraded us to a river view room on the eleventh floor for free!! It was so awesome!

We had about ten minutes to enjoy it, while we hurriedly got ourselves dressed and ready to shoot across the river to the blog meet.

The drive over should have taken less than 5 minutes, but the traffic was manic, and it took over 10 minutes to drive about 500m!! We got there eventually, with a tummy full of butterflies…

The Blog Meet was fantastic. We had the most wonderful night, meeting people, talking, taking silly photos. I barely had any voice left by the end of the night from talking soooo much!


It was lovely to meet people and just click straight away. I thoroughly enjoyed every conversation that I had. Peter and I enjoyed some ‘teacher talk’ with Naomi’s husband Matt, and congratulated Tracy and her husband on their first wedding anniversary!

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I loved that my hubby came too, and even mingled! I think he might have even nabbed himself a few more blog followers! The pressure is on for him to post a bit more regularly now.


I was especially chuffed to spend some time with the delightful Amy. She was just as lovely in person as I knew she would be, and we didn’t run out of things to talk about once.

It was also great to see the lovely Talia and her husband, Luke. Talia and I went to the same school, and I thoroughly enjoyed catching up with her.


Everyone had contributed to the goodie bags, and it was so exciting unpacking it and later in the night!



We stayed and talked until nearly 11pm, and had an absolute ball!

Thanks to the lovely Danielle from Hello Owl and Danielle from Danimezza for all their organisation. It was lovely to meet you :)


**stay tuned for part two of our city weekend!


  1. Naaaw. A great wrap up. Yay for the upgrade. I always love an upgrade. I hope you guys enjoyed your weekend. Love a good photo booth pash!

  2. Aww, thank you :) I had a great time as well!

  3. Nice pictures. Thanks for sharing! :))


Thank you!!


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