Sunday, 8 May 2011

Garage Sale Bargains

I love going to garage sales. We have learned that they’re only worth going to if you get up early. If you go after say about 8.30am, chances are there will be nothing that great left.

So this Saturday, when Miss Mayana decided to ignore the whole Saturday Is For Sleeping In rule, we decided to get up, and check out some garage sales. And I’m so glad we did!

We found some excellent bargains this weekend…


This very cute retro 1960’s-ish tunic dress was only 50c!


These books were only 10c each! One is a picture book about an Elephant who can’t find his belly button, and one is a very cool crochet pattern book from 1977.


Mayana chose these ducks. Who knows why, but they only cost her 50c for the pair, and they made her very happy.

Peter also bought a 9kg gas bottle which is about two-thirds full for $20 and a set of two handsaws for $2. He was also very happy because now he can use his barbeque, and cut up the logs in the back yard for the fire.

We also visited a second hand shop in town where I found a little gem that I can’t blog about until a certain person’s birthday has arrived, and fell in love with a very gorgeous kitchen pantry circa 1950s. I want it very much. It’s $125 and I’m pretty sure I’m going to make Peter go and buy it for me tomorrow. It will look so beautiful in my house, and will also be much more practical than the cabinet we’re currently using for a pantry. Plus I’ve always wanted a cabinet like it. It’s kind of like this one:

Except it has a different design of cupboards and drawers, and the top cupboards are glass. It’s in much better condition than the one in that photo too. Oh I want it so very much!!!

And all of this before 10am!!! What a successful Saturday morning Smile

Do you go garage saling?

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  1. Danielle Arthur8 May 2011 at 20:28

    I absolutley adore that tunic you got for Mayana!!! :)


Thank you!!


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