Monday, 30 May 2011

point + shoot: Visitors



We were very lucky this weekend to have our very good friends (and Mayana’s Godparents) Daniel & Katherine visit. We love to spend time with them, especially since they spent the first 2 years of Mayana’s life living in the UK. Mayana loves them and is pleased to now have a real-life relationship with them (as opposed to a skype-based one).

Mayana, of course, had to take them to see the sights in Hervey Bay. So we picked up shells and ate fish and chips and talked and laughed and had an absolute blast.

It was an excellent weekend, and I hope they’ll come again soon!!

You can join in for point+shoot over at Sunny + Scout!

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  1. Beautiful photos. Love the necklace Mayana’s wearing and she is just TOO cute.


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