Friday, 27 May 2011

A Day at the Show

I LOVE going to town shows. And I had heard that the one in our new town was actually quite good. So we decided to make good use of the show holiday and actually… erm… go to the show!

When we had been telling Kami (my mum) about this on her spontaneous visit last Sunday afternoon, she told Mayana that she would give her some money – to have a game on the clowns and buy a show bag. We didn’t think Maysi was listening because she didn’t respond. But the next morning when Mayana woke up, she said: “Kami buy Na-na some money for show. Gonna play clowns and buy bag”. She’s full of surprises that kid!

She’s been excited about it all week… not only about the clowns and the bag, but the fact that there were going to be animals there too, and best of all… other kids!

Today was the day, Mayana was elated. I’m pleased to say that the show more than lived up to her expectations. She. Loved. It.


She had her game with the clowns (and won a bright orange stuffed whale)


She bought a packet of white chocolate frogs. I hope she forgets about them. They’re really yummy.


She bought the Wiggles Showbag she’s been dreaming about all week (thanks Kami & Opa!)It’s a pretty cool showbag.. lots of cool educational-type bits and pieces that aren’t crappy in quality, plus a lunchbox and drink-bottle and NO LOLLIES!


She got to pat a really big cow. The animals at the show made her very happy. For some reason, she had in her head that she was going to see pigs at the show. Only problem is they don’t show pigs at this show. And she was kind of insistent. By a stroke of pure fate, at the moment when she started to crack the sads because Mummy had said there were no pigs, we walked past a small arena where a PIG RACE was about to begin! That totally made her day.


And then we found the animal nursery. And she pretty much thought she had died and gone to heaven. This goat was eating straight out of Mayana’s hand, which she thought was absolutely hilarious.


Nanna-Joy and Aunty Judy don’t let Mayana cuddle them (which is unsurprising really, Mayana kind of kills with kindness, if you know what I mean), so this was a pretty special moment for her. Oh, and that absolutely dripping-with-cuteness crown was what she got from a lucky dip.


Yes, Mayana was a HUGE fan of the show.


And she was asleep before we even got out of the carpark…

Ps. One of the most exciting things about the show for me was realising that we were walking right beside Governor General Quentin Bryce and her entourage (which by the way included a guy who was wearing two fairly hefty guns under his jacket and one of those spy earpieces with the curly cord that goes down the back of your neck).

Pete may or may not have semi-stalked her to take a sneaky picture for me.


Cool huh!

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  1. Zoey, so many bits in this post made me laugh out loud - I can't wait to see you guys again! Mays and Sunny are going to have the best time - they both share a love of pigs!!
    Oh, and the GG gets around, she was here in Sale on Tuesday! xx


Thank you!!


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