Sunday, 8 May 2011

Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all wonderful mothers!

I had a very lovely day with my favourite girl and boy.

This morning, I was awoken by a very lovely little voice wishing me a, “Happy Mummy’s day Mummy!”
And a tray of delicious poached eggs with bacon and a cappuccino… in bed! Oh how I love my husband! It was so delicious that it was all gone before I registered the fact that I hadn’t taken a photo! Oh well… he’ll just have to make it for me again!

Mayana had chosen me some lovely potted herbs and a great big bunch of flowers for Mothers Day, although she got a bit confused and started singing Happy Birthday to me.


Mayana also made me a beautiful card. She is fascinated by letters at the moment, and is become quite good at writing the letter ‘M’. She writes it a number of times in a row and tells us that it says, “Mayana Joy Shanae”


Our church had a fellowship service in a park just up the road from us, so we walked down to it and had a very lovely morning. Our pastor had asked me to speak about motherhood from a young mum’s perspective.

I talked about how Motherhood has taught me some amazing lessons already, about trusting in God, and about the father-heart of God. I also spoke about how Peter and I are bringing up our daughter in the ways of God, and how I see my role as a mother in relation to the parable of the talents. How I want to invest into my children’s lives, and to have God say to me, “Well done, good and faithful mother… I have entrusted these children to you and you have been faithful to me.”

Preparing for sharing my little message got me feeling very sentimental, remembering the days of my pregnancy and those early months of Mayana. What joy she has brought to us since her very conception!

After church, Mayana napped and I lost myself in the world of Kate Morton… (more on that soon!). When she woke up we went to buy some pots to plant my herbs in, and whiled away the afternoon in the back garden.

I have had a very lovely Mother’s Day, and am feeling very blessed to be the mother of my wonderful daughter and the wife of my incredible husband.

Life is good!

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