Monday, 2 May 2011

26 seconds

Did you know, that every twenty-six seconds, somewhere in the world, a child is abducted… from their family, from the streets… stolen and trafficked into slavery, most often into the sex trade. Some are even sold to brothels by their own families. Little girls, as young as my own sweet and innocent daughter, taken away from everything they know to be safe, and thrust into a world where they are forced to perform unspeakable acts, and be used by dozens or hundreds of adult men. As young as two. And there are as many as 2 million children living in a world of child sex slavery right now. In fact, tonight, as I’m writing this, there are 5000 children who are facing their first night in sex slavery. 5000 children who will tonight be raped for the first time. Probably more than once.

I hope that makes you feel sick. I hope it makes you want to cry. I hope it makes you angry.

Most of all, I hope it makes you sick, sad and angry enough to do something about it.

Destiny Rescue is an amazing organisation, whose mission it is to rescue young girls from slavery, and to give them the hope of a safe future. It provides a home, education including vocational training, medical help, counselling and all daily needs. Not only that, but they go into communities and work with underprivileged families and children, running prostitution prevention programs and empowering them by providing education and training which allows them to rise above poverty and despair.

What a mission!

I really want to encourage you to support Destiny Rescue, and to be a part of helping to free these beautiful children from a lifetime of abuse and horror.

You can do this by taking part in the 26 Second challenge. There are a couple of options:

1) you can become a 26 Second partner, by giving $26 each month.

2) You can become a 26 Second member, by giving a one-off donation of $40.

Money from the 26 Second project goes directly to funding the teams who go into brothels and red-light districts to rescue children and young women from a life of sex slavery.

I urge you, please visit the 26 Second Project website, and think and pray about being a part of this cause.

You can also donate in different ways to the Rescue and Prevention programs, or sponsor a child at the Destiny Rescue website.

We can do something so simple and change lives in a big way. No child should have to live this.

Let’s get angry about this. Let’s make a difference.

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