Sunday, 20 March 2011

the new girls

Today we brought home with us the two newest members of the Friend family.


Yes the wonderful Chateau de Chicken has been completed, and now has two lovely new inhabitants.

My Poppy (known to Mayana now and forevermore as Poppy Goose) gave these two girls to his little Goose (Mayana). We’ll probably get another one or two down the track to expand the family a little more.

Mayana has christened them Nanna Joy and Aunty Judy (who is my Nanna’s sister – Mayana’s Great Great Aunty – who we also spent the weekend with). I’m not quite sure how they feel about that. For short, she calls them “Girls”. As in, “Girls! Climb up ladder, girls!” (after she had helped her Papa install their means of getting to their nesting box), or “Nigh-night Girls, see ya in the morning!” (when we were finally able to drag her away after settling them in this evening).

I really hope the novelty doesn’t wear off, because it’s such fun to see her so enthralled. Now fingers crossed their adventurous two hour journey in a box in the boot of our car hasn’t put them off the lay!


  1. Glad she didn't call any of them Kami!

  2. You must tell me call about chickens when we meet

  3. So glad you got layers and not babies. Kanga loves ours (Ryan and Gerry after two ranga friends)although we have to remind him to love them more gently


Thank you!!


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