Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Point + Shoot: Fired Up

My very lovely husband has always wanted his very own fireplace, and even though we have now lived in two towns where most homes have one, we still haven’t! Until now…

Ours is more fun that a pot-belly stove or brick fireplace… ours lives outside, and we can sit around on camping chairs and roast marshmallows over it.

Ours was bought from the local recycling centre for only $5.00!!!


We spent evenings this weekend entertaining family around our fire… there’s nothing quite like sitting and talking by the glow of a fire, watching it flicker and crackle. 


I can see us spending many winter evenings with friends around our new fireplace.


Yes, my husband is a very happy man this weekend… and I must say the rest of us are quite impressed, too! (Mayana thinks we should eat our dinner at the fire every night… including last night when it was raining cats and dogs!)

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  1. Absolutely loved my evening around the fire. Looking forward to doing it again really soon.
    Mama. xxxooo


Thank you!!


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