Thursday, 3 September 2009

Whatchya Got Cookin'?

That time again. Mayana and I did the fortnightly treck to Aldi and Coles and have shopped and come in under budget. Gotta love that!

So what's on the menu this week?

Thursday: Pasta with pesto, sundried tomatoes and feta (one of our favourite quick meals)

Friday: Burritos

Saturday: Dinner out (maybe at the golf club). My mum and sis will be here so it's nice to eat a meal out together.

Sunday: Fish, Chips & Salad. I'm going to attempt a beer batter.

Monday: Sticky sausages/sausage casserole

Tuesday: Cottage pie with sweet potato top

Wednesday: Spaghetti

Thursday: Hopefully... we'll be having a date night, as it will be our fourth wedding anniversary!

Friday: Fish & Chip & DVD Night

Saturday: Quiche.. I use my Nanna's recipe but somehow it's never as good as hers.

Sunday: Lemon & Zucchini Risotto (such a yummy recipe. I do my risotto in my rice cooker, because I can't be stuffed standing over the stove stirring for an hour! It really does turn out just as good and is soooooo much quicker!).

Monday: Pear poached pork (Mayana and I love watching James Reeson's show, 'Alive & Cooking'. We get lots of ideas and yummy recipes from him)

Tuesday: Sticky Chicken Drumsticks

Wednesday: Spaghetti


  1. Oh can I get your recipe for cooking rissotto in the slow cooker please?

  2. Hi Zoey!
    I had a little giggle when you said you and M watch that 'Alive and Cooking' show. I used to make fun of it and think the guy was such a dork. then one day, I sat down and watched the whole thing...and really enjoyed it. Now his dorkiness is kind of endearing!
    Sunny and I watch it all the time...I am so trying this pork recipe-love it!


Thank you!!


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