Friday, 18 September 2009

Carnival of Flowers

We have lived in this town for nearly four years, and we have never been to a carnival of flowers. So we decided, since we were going to be home while this one was on, this would be the year. We decided to head down today, because the rest of the weekend is going to be super busy.

Unfortunately our camera batteries died, so I didn’t get as many photos as I would have liked, but I got a few lovely ones of the botanic gardens section of Queens Park. They were so gorgeous!

carnival 00015 carnival 00004 carnival 00006 carnival 00008 carnival 00010We went into the Flower Food and Wine festival too. It was pretty good. The flower exhibitions were fantastic. I was so inspired by the creativity of some of the arrangements.

The wine… well I wasn’t really in the mood, and the few I tasted were reasonably mediocre. I hate that.

The food.. again okay. There wasn’t enough yummy gourmet stuff… I think the only thing on offer to taste was olives, and I’m not a huge olive fan. The food and wine festival that we went to a few months ago was far better on both the food and the wine.

The entertainment was pretty good. Mayana quite enjoyed the visiting Korean dancers and drummers. Well, the drummers mostly. While they entertained her, she entertained the rest of the crowed, by clapping, bouncing, stomping her feet (she was standing up on the chair next to me), singing/yelling and laughing throughout the performance. Let’s just say she had many, many fans.

It was a good day, and we’re thinking of heading back out tomorrow to watch the parade..

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  1. I love the Flower Festival parade. Remeber we all went a couple of years ago? We all got a tad sun kissed!! Have fun. Hope the Koreans weren't upset with our girl trying to up stage them Love Mama.


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