Wednesday, 2 September 2009

turn back time...

Blog This Challenge 14

If you could choose a day, a week, a moment in time to re-live - what would it be?

Okay, I'm going to go totally cliche here and say the time around my wedding and honeymoon.

Only because I've been thinking about it a lot lately. In just over a week, my gorgeous husband and I will be celebrating our fourth wedding anniversary!

I loved our wedding day, and our honeymoon. I was so happy, excited, in love ... not much has changed on that front.

There is not much I would change about my wedding day, maybe a few little things. Perhaps I would make sure we had time to do a 'leaving circle' at our afternoon tea reception to say goodbye to everyone. We had to leave quickly when we realised the time because the sun was going down and we needed light for our photos! I also wouldn't agree to driving our best man and his girlfriend home on the way to our wedding night. We were so shocked when he asked that we said yes... but that's SO weird, right????

But honestly, they are little petty things, and didn't really affect my day, and certainly haven't affected my marriage, which is after all the most important thing that came from that day.

I would just love to re-experience that incredible feeling of butterflies and pure joy and elation when I was walking down the aisle towards that man who would soon become my husband. I don't think you could ever truly replicate that exact feeling.

And the honeymoon... well it was awesome. We had the best time touring the South Island of New Zealand, stopping to look at things that interested us, walking, eating good food, drinking good coffee and wines. Climbing glaciers (not something I ever thought I would have done), touring beer and chocolate factories, riding 'gondolas', experiencing snow, being completely awe-struck by the incredible scenery... It was so much fun to have an adventure on our own and I truly loved every moment of our honeymoon.

Even coming home was a great time. We had never lived together, so moving in to our little 'Love Shack' (a granny flat under a friend's house) and beginning our life together was so much fun. It was a tiny little place, a bedroom, living area/'kitchen' (which had a bench and a sink and fridge, no stove/oven) and a teeny bathroom/toilet. We had five months there, and it was pure joy. Then we began our new adventure... moving away from all that we knew to a town three hours away to do uni. But I'm stretching the limits of this challenge by going that far!

Just remembering, writing it all down, sitting here thinking about individual moments that made those days so special - even reliving it in that way has made me feel happy. Brings back all those warm fuzzy feelings which are what after all what make those days worth re-living in the frist place.


  1. Thanks for sharing Zoey. :-) It's so great to hear about other people's lives. :-D

  2. I agree Zoe - definitely strange to be asked to provide a Taxi service on your wedding day! Congratulations on your 4th anniversary! Here's to many more to come :o)


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