Tuesday, 8 September 2009

happy [first] fathers day

Sunday was Pete’s first ever fathers day.

Our day started off with a surprise visit from my Dad, brother, sister & her boyfriend. My mum and other sister were already staying, and the others decided to join us all for fathers day.

Mayana spoiled her Papa with a new wallet, gorgeous hand-painted (literally) frame with a photo of herself & some seeds so the two of them can do some gardening together.

September 09 00109

Opa took us all out for breakfast at Sizzler, and it was lots of fun to just hang out together and eat (and not have to clean up)!

Then church, which was full of excitement with a motorbike flying into the building (yes, into the church!) followed by a funny competition which pitted dads from three generations against each other in a bid to see who could best multi-task. The generation with kids who were 20yrs and older won. They had more practice I guess! All the dads were given a really lovely parker pen with ‘Courage’ engraved on it.

After church we all hit the park and feasted on a picnic of fish and chips.

It was great fun, and Pete was spoiled with lots of love and special memories with his princess.

Pete: I love you babe, and you are SUCH a good Papa. Mayana and I are both so abundantly blessed to have you as the man in our lives.

September 09 00104

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  1. You forgot to mention the huge chocolate that he got from his favourite mother-in-law!! Love mama.


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