Tuesday, 29 September 2009

25th Wedding Anniversary

Twenty-five years of love, joy and laughter
It might sound like a lifetime to some
So far it’s definitely been a ‘happily ever after’
But as they say the best is yet to come.

They’ve had their ups, they’ve had their downs—as everybody does
But together they’ve stood strong throughout it all
Everything that’s come along, they’ve dealt with it with love
They’ve always both been in it for the long haul

Crying babies, dirty nappies, sleepless nights and terrible twos
Teenage tantrums, slamming doors and “I don’t care”’s!
They’ve been through it all, kept a very long fuse
And still ended up with minimal grey hairs!

Their family is their legacy, their life, their everything
We, their children, know we’re blessed way beyond measure
So much joy, friendship and love to our lives they bring
Having them as parents is among our greatest treasures

So we’re asking you to join us, as we celebrate together
Twenty-five years so far of this wonderful pair
For a picnic in the garden we would like you all to gather
It would really mean a lot to see you there!

On Saturday, my husband, brother and sisters and I actually pulled off the surprise 25th wedding anniversary party we’ve been planning for the last two months or so. I’m so stoked.

We had a big picnic in the park, with lots of my parent’s friends, old and new. It turned out to be a lovely day.

We really weren’t sure if we’d pull it off… how would we get the party all set up without my parents getting suss about it all!? I had the brainwave of sending them out to breakfast, so we had them convinced that that was our anniversary present to them.

We choofed them off to breakfast at 9am, and it was a mad rush to get everything together and down to the park. My sisters and I started the set-up, and sent Mayana and the boys to the shops for some last minute stuff. We had made over 20 gorgeous silver and blue tissue paper flowers (silver for 25th anniversary, blue was their wedding colour), had silver balloons and a big banner with Erick [love heart] Tambrey 25. It looked great.

Pete went to pick them up for breakfast as the guests began to arrive. He told them that we had decided to go up to the park for a picnic and he was picking up fish & chips on the way back. By the time they got back everyone was there waiting, and as they walked down the hill everyone yelled out a big ‘SURPRISE!’.

It was a great afternoon just hanging out and catching up with people. My mum and dad felt very spoiled. And got an extra super surprise when my mum’s parents arrived, which was very special.

Congratulations Mama and Papa on 25 years of marriage, and thank  you for being such great role-models for marriage to Peter and I, and to so many other people!

 September 09 00004

 September 09 00008


September 09 00016


September 09 00029My sister, brother and I serenading our parents with Jason Mraz’s song ‘Lucky’. Mayana was so cute, and whenever we got to the chorus she’d start singing along and clapping her hands. She kinda stole the show.

September 09 00031

She was such a good girl, had fun being passed around to all and sundry. She loves being told she’s beautiful, and there was no end of that on Saturday!

September 09 00037

She was so tired by the end of the day, and a snuggle from her Great Nanna resulted in a very snoozy Mayana-Berry.

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  1. Such a lovely thing to do for your parents! Looks like they had a beautiful day! x


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