Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Thank You

September 09 00287

My heart sister sent me this gorgeous bunch of roses for my wedding anniversary. I thought I’d share them so you can enjoy them with me :0) If only you could smell them too. They’re divine!

[Heart Sisters is a program I participate every year, run by a church group in my Nana’s town, but there are women from all over Queensland that take part. We meet every valentines day to meet our previous year’s heart sister and to get a new one. Basically there is a big bunch of women, and we all fill out a questionnaire about ourselves and pop them into a basket. Everyone picks one out, and that is your heart sister for the year. Each month you are meant to send a little note of encouragement or a little gift to your heart sister. Some heart sisters really spoil each other (like mine does me!). It’s all done anonymously, and you don’t meet the person who’s been writing to you until the reunion on valentines day. It’s so beautiful to get those little notes and bits of encouragement each month, full of warm fuzzies! It’s such a lovely thing to be a part of.]

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