Wednesday, 30 September 2009

new woman!

One of the things I have been really looking forward to since having Mayana is getting back into normal bras! I’ve been in maternity bras since about 8 months into my pregnancy, and the ones I had fitted when Mayana was born are starting to get too big now that Mayana has settled down to only two breastfeeds a day.

Buying bras for me is usually somewhat of an ordeal. I can never find anything in my (ample) size in a normal department store. I usually have to go to some specialist bra shop and spend a mini-fortune on what usually ends up being a decidedly unattractive bra.

So imagine my glee when I walked into Target last week and discovered that have a new range of really pretty feminine bras, in MY size (!!!) for a really great price!!!

September 09 00354

I walked away with these two gorgeous bras, for about $35 for both (thanks to their 25% off sale). They fit me, they make me look like a real woman again… and at a much cheaper rate than surgery.. hehe.

No more saggy baggy maternity bras for this yummy mummy! (well apart from the 7.30am and 6.30pm breastfeeding sessions in any case).


  1. I've been dreaming about real-bra day since about 2 days into breastfeeding. Thanks for giving me inspiration :)

  2. I'm quite pleased that you've gone back to normal bras! That's so cool (and I had kind of forgotten about them, I should start thinking about it myself) - one question though - you do 2 BF a day and between those times you give formula -- twice?? I'm only asking because I'm having trouble going from BF-whenever to some other schedule and I have no idea what I'm doing.

  3. Yep Sharnee I BF morning and night, and do bottles after each day sleep (she had two). Mayana's always been a pretty routine kinda girl, so it was easy just to switch around some feeds. She used to have a third breastfeed in the middle of the day but dropped that on her own - I'd try to feed her and she just wasn't interested. I don't know if we're doing everything 'right' but we muddle through, and she's growing again so it's working at least!


Thank you!!


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